Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Miss You!

Today James and I went to the cricket with Mike and some friends. I was away from Harriet from about 9am until about 4.45pm. And I missed her! She had a lovely time hanging out with Nana, although by the end she was obviously tiring from her late NYE.
Will be back in with a nice long post about cute stuff she's doing, but thought I'd post a photo. I'm starting a photo a day challenge for a forum I'm on and although this one didn't make it by a couple of days, thought I'd still use it.

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kelly said...

Hello Cass,

Your photos are a delight to look at enlarged! I really enjoy the details; the individual hairs, the flecks in Harry's eyes, really beautiful photography.... and subject matter, of course!

Kelly (the girl who leapt upon you at the train station)