Friday, December 28, 2007

From the Bathroom

As I sit here I can hear Harriet telling Papa:

"I can't pick it up. I have poo in my poo bag."
"Stinky Butt Papa!"

Plus we just came from an hour long walk that was the result of Harriet telling us all to go to the front of the house. Before we knew it, we were being whisked away on a magical tour of our block. Some people might have completed the walk in oh...say...ten minutes. I bet those people, however, didn't:

*stop and pick, discuss, pull apart and distribute some of the little white flowers on a vine growing outside a nearby house

* walk with "one foot on road, one foot on footpath"

* wrap Doll and unwrap Doll and wrap her again and stop to pat her bottom to make her "happy and comfy like a baby" - repeat x27

* stop to tell the old Italian man down the road all about how Doll was sleeping in her stroller

* worked out how to use the stroller as a portable swing and then proceed to walk home pulling and swinging Doll simultaneously (it was quite a feat, and not something I would have imagined!)
* get to a trailer, stop, pat the side of it and proclaim "I never, never seen this strange car before" (she was happy once we discussed its similarity to a caravan)

* close an open gate...then proclaim she should open it for people to be able to get in and out of...and open it again

* knock on a wooden fence and say "Who's there?!" "Nana and Grandpa" "Oh let me come into your house...and this is Nana and Grandpa's house" (points to a particular square of conrete on the footpath)

* about five steps later she does the same thing, holds a similar conversation with herself except she points over the fence to some plants and says "That's Nana and Grandpa and Zoe and Priya over there Mamia"

We did finally make it home. And tragically my camera ran out of battery on the walk. But I have a couple of photos I can upload once I charge the battery up again. In the meantime the bath and toilet experience is coming to an end and I must resume my duties as dinner provider. More from the Land of Harry soon!

Ok, edited with psome photos from today back in here now. We had a 5.30am wake up call from Harriet and despite this foreboding start to the day we decided to venture into the city to go to Wildlife World (we had a free family pass - thanks Jen & Rod!). There was really very little difference in the experience from last time we went earlier in the year. Harriet spent most of her time rolling around on the floor on the upper level of the bird area. They have fake hollowed out trees there which entertained Harry more than just about anything (except the out of order photo booth and the lizards). Speaking of lizards, we walked in to WW and tried to point out to Harry some interesting insects and things but all she kept asking for was "Want to see the lizards running likecrazy!".

Actually I think if I were to design Harriet's ideal zoo, it would be comprised entirely of this large lizard (that she watched and ran up and down with and cried when other people blocked her running lane against the window), some fake hollow trees, and a couple of wombats who constantly had to poo.

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