Monday, November 12, 2007


We just thought we'd put the question out there for other parents of two year olds. Does anyone else's child get right into rhyming? For about the past two months Harriet has eagerly recognised words that rhyme. She says, for example, "Use glue on the shoe" and then "Glue, shoe, that rhymes" and have a little laugh at it. Sometimes she even makes up nonsensical words to rhyme with something. She was in the car one afternoon listening to Bear Hunt (the love is dwindling a little, thank goodness, although now Justine Clark haunts my brain) and when she sang out mud, she piped up with "Gud! Mud! That rhyme Mama, that rhyme!" and started laughing hysterically!

We were just wondering if other children do it or if it's a peculiarly Harriet thing to do?

OH! And this morning she wrote a 'd' quite deliberately! I have to take a photo of it, it's on the back of a sultana packet, as all good masterpieces should be.

And she has become quite interested in counting threes of things. For a while there if there was more than two of anything she would point and count "One...two..." and the first two things and then just spiel off "threefourfivesixseveneightnineten" no matter how many actual objects there were. But for the past couple of days she is now consciously counting out three objects and loves to do it too.

Ok, just a quick update. We survived the weekend of being ultra-busy and came out of the other end still upright (Harry also doesn't say 'up' or 'in' - she says "upright" and "inside" every time. Even Dr. Seuss is 'Fox Inside Socks'). This photo shows Harry and Papa sporting apparel from our two big outings (Newtown Festival and the Walk Against Warming) as they slump collapsed at our third port in the storm, Crazy Uncle Ian's house. My computer didn't fare so well, having a major breakdown and demanding a complete overhaul and an external hard drive ASAP, which we'll have to work on - read: James is on the job.


Crazy Mumma said...

Hi Cass :-)

Yep, both Abi and Ava are completely *obsessed* with rhyming! From the moment we get in the car, I'm asked "What rhyme with xxx, mama?", then ignoring my suggestions to take turns making up their own non-words (which do actually rhyme), and then laugh hysterically! Funny for me for about 5 minutes, mildly amusing for another 10 and bordering on irritating from then on ;-)

Erik said...

LOL, no Bryn doesn't rhyme. He derives humour from fart jokes... He saw that "Australia's funniest home videos" show a few months ago, when someone filmed a toddler making animal noises... What does a cow say, and the toddler moos, what does a pig say, and the toddler snorts, what does daddy say, and the toddler does a raspberry. Bryn thought that was hilarious, so now he goes about say, "Daddy say *insert fart noise", Luey say "fart noise again*"...

Rhyming would be a bit more fun for me, and less embarrassing in the library...

casso said...

Oh Julie, sounds like I have a lot to look forward to then!

And Sif, I love it! Sounds like he has an acutely tuned sense of humour. :o)