Friday, November 16, 2007

Nuptial Trilogy

We're off to the first in our set of three weddings tomorrow morning. This one only involves us travelling to Wollongong, but as any of you with children know, there is a particular brand of travel that kicks in at about 18mths. There are the favourite toys, the favourite books, the monitor, the blanket, the spare clothes. I'm lucky to remember to throw in another shirt to wear for myself (apologies to anyone I stand next to tomorrow, the smell tends to fade after a while). The big plane trip next week is going to be interesting, however.

Below I've posted some photos of Harry enjoying her ring sling. Now she's obviously an Ergo girl, but the size difference is a little more noticeable in the ring sling. She just loves to cuddle up in there lately, despite her obvious inability to fit in the thing. It reminded me of how much she hated having her feet all squished up when she was a baby...which made me look for an early sling photo...which lead me to compare them...which made me want to share how different she is in these photos! Amazing what a couple of years can do! Look at her little jaundiced face in there...awwww.... :o)

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