Sunday, September 02, 2007

Happy Papa Day!

Well Harry here is sporting the fashion item de rigeur for today. James bought me this badge in an antique store and I laughed myself stupid when I saw it! We can only assume that it is meant to be satirical, but no matter what it's plenty funny. So a big HOORAY for Papa Jimbo today!

Papa received his Neil Young, PJ Harvey and Jarmusch paraphenalia and Harriet got to say "Happy Papa Day", so all was good with the world.

We went out to the pool this morning and Harriet had a swim around with Jimbo whilst I luxuriated on the side of the pool for a full forty minutes. I got to read my two favourite sections of the weekend SMH which was wonderful and James got to watch Harriet swimming around on her own. Apparently she was adamant in saying "No Papa!" and wandered around on her own, swimming over and under a rope meant to divide the leisure area from the classes.

On the way in it looked like Harriet might fall asleep but we got to the pool, had the swim, and THEN she wanted to fall asleep. Poor poppet really crashed hard. But we were also hungry (including Harry) so we headed next door to Bodhi's for delicious yum cha in the park. Now this is why we love Sydney so much. So we had some "yummy cha" (as Harry calls it) and ran into Scott adn Damien there too but we didn't muscle in on their lunch and had our own table.

So we drove back home and even with us poking and prodding her (literally!) That darn Harriet fell asleep on the way home. Sounds cute, huh? But this girl cannot be budged once she falls asleep or she just wakes up and acts as if nothing has happened. Grr! So we got back home and tried to put her down but...yep...she refused to sleep and just got back up and soldiered on. She was running on empty all afternoon but was in a great mood and played happily with all kinds of activities, including painting and reading and we all rolled out biscuit dough and made some cut outs of wombats!

What, you can't tell that those amorphous blobs of dough are actually wombats, stars and dinosaurs? What on earth is WRONG with you? Now double click on that photo and look harder.

They were pretty yummy and Harry enjoyed eating the head of a wombat which was rather disturbing. And even more amazing was that she finally succumbed to sleep!

It was an early night at 6pm to say the least but she definitely needs it after staying up until ELEVEN PM on Friday night due to a lovely dinner party at Linda and Kicka's new place. I did *try* to put her to sleep there but when she's sitting up pleading "Mama, go back downstairs and talk people", well, it's quite difficult to argue against it as the laughs and chatter from downstairs comes trailing up.

Well it's a short post from me tonight and I'm going to try and take my own advice and enjoy sleep while I can. James starts his new job on Tuesday - more money, less interstate travel, less daily travel too, more central, better long term upward mobility stuff, nice people and of course the most important thing - incredible views across the city and a funky office setting. A pretty good week to be starting too, he gets Monday off but paid for, and Friday off due to APEC but paid for, so a three day working week is a good intro anywhere!

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