Thursday, August 30, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

So which do you prefer? The b&w or the colour version? Personally I'm leaning towards the colour because it has a certain quality to it (kind of like that old Flake ad of the woman under the tree - 70s alert!).

Anyway it was taken as Harriet was immersed in a book - a Linux manual. Make of that what you will! Lately she has enjoyed singing the alphabet song constantly. And you know that when we talk about Harriet such terms as 'constantly' really are meant to be taken as literally as you can. She also is obssessed with "Going on a Bear Hunt" the song on the PlaySchool cd (not the Oxenbury book). We are constantly being asked "BEAR HUNT!". Asked? Hmmm...strong exhortation is probably the better way to phrase it.

She also loves to sing along, and does so in time and with about half of the lyrics of the longer songs now, like Bear Hunt and Teddy Bears' Picnic. It's very cute to hear her saying seriously in the back seat (in her 'special little girl seat') "Can't go over it - have to go through it".

When we go out to the park or down the street with the heater (you know, the usual in this house), Harry has taken to showing a strong fascination with the collection of rocks. She likes to examine them and tell me which ones are going to make a big splash (said with a very cute slight lisp of "thplath" - the Hayes clan would be proud) and which are smaller. Then, if possible, it's back to any nearby body of water (be that bowl in the backyard or river) where we can throw them in. And boy does she have a pitcher's arm on her! Do not - let me repeat, do NOT - be within a five metre radius (in any direction) of this girl when she's pitching a rock! Power is her forte, direction is still lagging in focus.

There is SO much to write about at the moment and I'm just drawing a blank which is really frustrating. All three of us have been at home this past fortnight because James is changing jobs (yay!) and Harriet loves it! The calls for Papa are equal to the calls for Mama now which is lovely to see/hear and she has certain things she loves Papa to do specifically.

OH! Just remembered that one of her latest 'things' is to get something, like one of her dolls perhaps, and put them say on a chair and then yell at them "NO! NO Doll! Off chair!" and then she turns to me and says "Mama, tell Doll NO, get off chair". Hmmm... she really does love to discipline which is quite funny given that we don't say no to her (part of our 'working with' approach to raising her). Of course occasionally we have the odd no pop out when she's in potential danger but by and large we're a no-free zone around here.

She is also in love with the dinosaur tshirt that you can see her wearing in the 'heater walk' post. In fact that night she wore it to bed and then the next day she wouldn't take it off either, so it was a good 36hr wear we got from that one. It was a pretty easy decision to go and spend a whopping $7.50 to buy another one. Hearing her say (well, attempt to say) 'tyrannosaurus' is very cute too.
At the moment every day is heaps of fun (have I ever really said otherwise?), but gee it helps when she has a day sleep! I can hear Papa and Harriet returning from the park now so I'll adieu and try to think of more things to write about soon.


Clair said...

ok i vote for B&W, but i always vote for B&W lol

casso said...

You are even more of a fiend for b&w than I am and that's saying something! It's definitely growing on me though...