Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Great Day!

Ok after the big post yesterday thought I'd do a mini-post today. The weather was incredible - 23 degrees, sunny, warm, gorgeous. We got so much done today, multiple loads of washing, I cooked (yes, yes, I know, amazing) spannikopita and carrot soup (Harry loves it). Harriet grated parmesan and then wanted to progress to grate apple as well. She then helped me cut up spring onions (as well as eating one full one as well as three pickled onions in a row) and here I took a photo of her cutting up a pear. She also cracked an egg (with some help), stirred the spannikopita mix, was scared by the ants on the back step, announced it was "nearly too dark for painting" when she got up from her nap and that was after she told me she wanted to "go bed now mama". *shock*

We had sing-a-long galore with the nursery rhyme cd (damn you Jack and Jill! I haven't stopped singing it on request for about 36hrs now), Harriet painted two big paintings (we use SMH pages now because I decided I didn't want to use new paper for her masterpieces) and we hung them out to dry. This was very interesting to Harry, who commented on them being pegged up quite a lot. I also mowed the lawn and all the dishes were cleaned too!

The funny thing was that we'd been planning on going to Big Park today becaue we bought a new spade on the weekend (well it was secondhand but new for Harry). But the little monkey was resisting getting all the stuff together for getting out of the house and then we couldn't find the spade, so we just decided to stay in. I am so glad we did! Eventually we found the spade and this is what Harriet did with it - stuck it in the sliding door of the toilet.

And although these look like they're photos of the sink in our toilet, they are actually of Harriet wearing the many acitivites of her day quite literally. There's soup on there, pink and green paint, milk that got spilt (no, no-one cried), and some other miscellaneous life forms.

When Papa came home we were told that it was time to go out for babycino. At first she suggested "Newtown" but then changed to "Marrickville", which sounded much more like "mack-na-veel". So we went to Marrickville, had a babycino. Then she went up and asked for another one from the lady at the counter. And finally it was time for Harriet's favourite - sushi train! She was chanting the mantra of "sushi train, edamame, sushi train, edamame". Luckily we nabbed the big table at the front and Harry indulged in her favourite food fo the moment.

And that was the wonderful day that was today.

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Sif said...

Ok, posting this on the 17th of August - because you haven't updated your blog yet...

Bryn saying a VERY HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to Harry today!!! It's apparently very exciting being toooo and eating birt-tay tate!!!