Sunday, August 19, 2007

Belated Happy Second Birthday!

To my gorgeous, sweet, entertaining, talkative, gentle, hilarious, intuitive, empathetic, wonderful daughter:


Oh and ps - sorry about the massive face plant you did off the swing less than an hour before your birthday party. And the major lump that grew from your forehead as a result. And the scrapes on your forehead/chin/lip/cheek.

As you can see, it has been a big week! I have heaps to write about, much more than just her big accident, but we are both exhausted from staying up late all week, baking for the party, holding the party, cleaning up after the party, looking after our beautiful daughter after her big week and looking after ourselves as well. James is starting a new job soon but is having some time off beforehand, so I might get a chance to come on here and get some updates done.

I will be back - no, seriously, I promise. And yes, her bruises and scrapes are BAD!


katef said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

I hope the scrapes and bruises heal well and that you all had a great day of celebration despite them!

Jen - Faithful Servant of the Adventurous Duo! said...

YAY! Happy Birthday Ms Harriet! I remember getting your birth announcement like it was yesterday and we were all so excited to hear that you had arrived.

Sorry to hear about your bruises and scrapes though :( . I suppose it does mean that you started the two's much the way you will most likely spend it (daring to try new things and bearing battle scars to prove it ;))

Can't wait to hear more about your party and your big day.

Jen, Kaeden & Angel xo

Sif said...

OMG! You would not believe that Bryn is sporting very similar marks from a face plant he did today, in fact, I was just about to blog about it!!!

Hope Harry is enjoying being two!!!

casso said...

Thanks guys, it has been an adventure the past week! Happy Birthday fellow August babies Bryn adn Angel too. Muski must be a Leo too, Kate?

arun said...

Haaapy birthday tooo you. Haaaaapy birthday toooo yooooooou!

Actually ill stop singing because even though you cant hear it... it sounds really, really bad!

but happy birthday harriet!

ps. dont worry  – the marks will heal and you'll probably get better presents out of sympathy :)

all the best