Friday, June 29, 2007


Harry constantly amazes me. Her ability to reason is definitely one of the sides to her that make her seem so mature. A few examples of course:

* We were in the car getting out to go to playgroup and I realised playgroup was finished for the semester. I said to Harry that the playgroup was closed and what could we do instead? "Other playgroup Mama". Which other playgroup? " 'Round the corner, show". And yes, a month or so ago there was a show on at the hall around the corner held by the playgroup! I said "No, there's no show on today either". She looked at me, shrugged her shoulders, held out her hands and said "Oh no. Park?". I agreed.

* When it was James' birthday I told her it was a secret what we were buying him. One of those things was a pair of slippers from Harry. When we got home James asked what we had bought him for his birthday. She said "No Papa, secret". Although when James asked where the secret was she quite happily grabbed his hand to go and show him until he told her not to! But she still kept the secret right up until his birthday proper, with no prompting from me, I was very impressed.
By the way this is a photo of her hands straight from the big mayonnaise jar we have. You may also notice the mayonnaise around her mouth. There was a suspicious dollop of mayonnaise down her top and also lots of blobs on the floor around her feet. When I 'nabbed' her she jumped a mile (because of course we are such authoritarian power types) and explained that she was "wiping down bench mayonnaise" - which she surely was, not quite sure what that was supposed to achieve though. Hmmmmm....... (btw - no reasoning story here, just wanted to share the photo!)

* Her old trolley is on top of the wardrobe in our bedroom. The other day Harry saw it and asked me to get it down. I said I couldn't because it was too high up. She thought about it and then said "Ladder?". I told her we didn't have one (we do, but anyway...) however I was pretty impressed at her thinking of it!

* This is just a funny story rather than anything about her reasoning power. She was in the back of the car about a month ago and was singing a very loud song about "BOO-BEE-AHHH" which she wanted when we got home. She then started giggling and said very clearly "Subtle". James and I snapped our heads to look at each other in amazement. Surely not....? We then asked her what she just said adn again, clear as a bell came back "Subtle...boobia" and cackles of laughter after it! Now she loves to say "Subtle" as she's reaching her hand down my top.

* Today at the playground we walked over to the sandpit. There wasn't anyone else around so I said to her "If you want to throw sand that's ok because there isn't anyone else here" and she looked at me and said "Gentle, other people's eyes, no throw". !!!!!!! I had mentioned this to her ages ago but wow, I was surprised she recited such detail about why. I then sat back and said "Well if I sit back here then there's no-one around so you can throw sand if you want to" (Because she is going through a big 'throwing' stage where she lvoes to throw bark, leaves, sand and see where they fall). So she then thought it safe enough to throw sand a few times.

So just another few anecdotes about Miss Harry. It's really hard to believe that she's not even two yet.

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