Wednesday, June 27, 2007

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So what has Harriet been up to lately? Well thought I'd do a mini-development update because she has changed again so much lately. And all beautiful, positive things which are just so great to be a part of.

* She has been drawing circles for a while and saying "Circles, Mama". But then tonight she drew a triangle and said "Triangle". That was pretty cool! I kept it of course. It's a very clear triangle, no doubt about it. Then Papa asked her if she could draw a square. The answer? "No". But she does love to draw and will do circle after circle all over the page and tell me what she's drawing which changes from second to second - "".

* She lied! This is apparently a big mielstone and I completely forgot to write about it! What a doofus I am. I was in the bathroom and had left her with a pile of markers and her drawing book out in the playroom. After a minute or so she came in to ask me a question. I looked down and there she was, mouth resplendent with blue ink all over the lips, all over the chin and, yep, all inside the mouth too. I asked her "Harriet, have you been eating the markers?". "No Mama, no". "Are you sure? Is this marker here? (touching her face) And here?". "No!" Very cute or 'coot' as Harry says.

* Independence Alert! Everything now is "No Mama". Getting into the car? My hand is brushed away dismissivley along with a "No Mama". Putting on her clothes in the morning I am obviously more hindrance than help, with a rebuffed "No Mama". She also has an increased awareness of her ownership - "Can I have a bite of your toast Harry?". "No Mama". Adorable.

*This is just a little thing but the pickled onion jar (she loves pickled onions, definitely her Mama's girl in this regard) has little mustard seeds in it. Every time she sees it she asks if the seeds are fish! Then before I can answer she says "No".

* Red lights beware! Everytime we stop at a red light Harriet pipes up with a strident "Go Mama, GOOOOO!". We then discuss how it's a red light and she says "Green light, green light GOOOOO!". The funny side of this is when she's very, very sleepy and you thinkthat she has in fact nodded off. But if you stop, up pipes a groggy "Go Mama, GOOOOO!" from the back seat.

* She loves to sing along and dance to her ABC Kids CD. Her favourite is definitely "Der Gumph" which has the wonderful line "But we all know frogs go *clap* La Di Dah Dee Dah" which causes much excitement, clapping and singing.

* If something is about to jump (read: be thrown) then it must have the "Ready, steady, GO!" all falling things appreciate as warning.

* At the zoo we bought her a tiger mask. She loves it! She loves to "ROWR" with it on and scare us. In fact she insisted on wearing it to the airport to scare Papa, so that when Papa got off the plane he was met with a 94cm tall scary tiger. She got just one or two adoring looks whilst waiting for him that's for sure. At one stage I thought the air steward was going to snaffle her up in her suitcase.

* The way she says her name is SO cute. I have to get a decent video of it. She can answer all the usual questions now - "What's your name?" "How old are you?" "Where do you live?". For that last question she can tell you the name of the street and the suburb but not the number just yet.

Ok that's about all and absolutely not enough at the same time. She loves pretend play and putting 'vagina cream' on her doll and changing her nappy and making necklaces for Doll and Bummer with the playdough. And the last few days she has woken up saying a new word that makes her giggle like a nutbar. Today it was "honey", yesterday it was "hi-meat". Don't ask. But it makes her laugh and laugh and laugh and I love that sound so much.

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