Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tell Me A Story

Ok, so apart from being a 1927 song, the title of this post is all about Harriet's favourite pasttime. She will bring up things that have happened and want to discuss them over and over again. The latest example is from when she went to Nell's second birthday party a couple of weeks ago. Nell received a funky abacus; well that abacus not only looked great to Nell, but also to Harry. So she apparently (I wasn't there) leant across the table and strained for the abacus. James told her "No, that abacus belongs to Nell and she just received it as a present for her birthday." And she took that without a problem.

HOWEVER...she has relived it almost exactly, with the hand reaching across and everything, even now that we're two weeks from when it happened. She seems to have a pretty impressive memory for events for a toddler actually, recalling and describing things in great detail. She loves to talk about who she saw at which place, and remembers the name of children that we just meet once off in the park and brings them up much later. But the constant repetition can get pretty tiring to say the least!

Well for this Mother's Day I got very spoilt and received a sewing machine! Yay! I have been itching to learn how to sew for quite a while and now I can give it a good go. My first attempt at sewing was a little bag for Harry - absolutely hopeless in terms of skill but loads of fun and pretty cute too. I'm heading off to Spotlight tomorrow armed with a list of things to buy. Hopefully soon you'll see Harriet sporting some funky threads.

Speechwise she is going from strength to strength, talking non-stop (hmmm...where does she get that trait from?). And we had a breakthrough last night - she finally said her name! She walks around saying 'playgroup' and 'delicate' and all sorts of complicated words, but for some reason her name was a bit of a stumbling block. She's so cute when she says it too! She says her full name, not just Harry (even though that is what we call her 90% of the time) and it is very clear. Finally!

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Sif said...

LOL, it's funny about them saying their own name. When Luey finally figured out his name, he couldn't pronounce the L, so called himself U-ey. The thing is, he also call Erik, U-ey... So, when we were out for walks and Erik ran a little ahead, we'd call Erik back, and from his stroller, Luey would yell, "Stop, U-ey! Stop, U-ey!!!" Now Bryn does that, but doesn't called Luey by name, just rather puts his hand up in the "stop" sign and yells, "Nononono!"