Thursday, May 10, 2007


This is a storyboard of Harriet enjoying herself on the flying fox in the playground near us. This one is known as the 'BIG' park and she loves to go there, almost especially to go on this thing. It's pretty cool, Papa and Mama love going on it too! But just not that long ago she was unable to hold on for herself and now look at her going for it solo, she is so cool.

Last week poor Harry had an horrendous snot situation. The cute thing was that she learnt how to blow her nose on her own - the not so cute thing was what we had to go through to get to that stage! Ewww...snot *everywhere*. But she actually quite likes to blow her nose, so that was a relief given that she really REALLY needed to do it. Thank goodness for Vicks baby balsam.

So although we were invited to a birthday party on Saturday we erred on the side of caution and decided not to expose everyone to her lurgy. Instead, we went out for breakfast and then on the way home we found that the local primary school was having a fair day! It was pretty cool, and best of all for Harriet - a bouncy castle! So we dutifully lined up to get in and she was SO excited....and then proceeded to lie down on the castle while all the other kids went totally ballistic jumping around next to her! Check out this pose would you!

She also went on this ride that had swings that turned on the motorised canopy. I'm sure there's a proper word for it but hey, you get what I mean, right? This was classic - she got on and we were a bit hesitant because she was definitely the youngest one going on it (but definitely not the smallest) and it did go pretty fast. Each time she whirled past us she had this look of grim determination on her face, but it's the same look she gets when she's on the swings. You really wouldn't know that she is actually enjoying herself, but she is because as soon as she stopped she was asking for "More!". But the line to get tickets was a tad ridiculous by this stage so we wandered off to investigate other aspects fo the fair.

We bought our usual library of books for about $10 and a Fisher Price swing to hangin the apricot tree in our backyard. Only problem is that it's just sitting out there on the lawn and Harry keeps asking "Swing?".

Another cute thing she's doing lately is saying "Look". So I tell her she can't touch something (especially the cat food) and she say "No. Look." and she then crouches down with her hands clasped between her knees and just looks at it! Today she said 'playgroup' too and was so excited about actually going to playgroup that each time she said it she burst out in spontaneous applause and "Yay!"s as well.

Oh and in more news on our 'modelling manners' rather than requesting them, Harry has also started on the "Sah-wee". I was walking to the table and she got underfoot and I kind of tripped a bit in my attempt to walk around her at the last minute. She looked up at me and said "Sah wee". Awwwww.

Edit: I thought about how inane this post is but I just rummaged it up during a day sleep today. I forgot whole bunches of stuff, like how Harriet loves to pole dance and how she will 'assign' you a pole to dance with whilst she does. And how she has been playing on her own for ages - the other day Jan and I had a full conversation while Harry played with her 'Man' in the 'whizzy dizzy' (read: Figurine from her campervan sits in one of her stacking cups and gets thrown around in it. Then when he gets out he can't walk straight because he's dizzy so she throws him around a little). She also loves her campervan that we got her for Christmas a lot. A lot! And funnily enough she won't let the girl drive it, she is very insistent that only the man can get behind the wheel - really striking a blow for feminism there.

And she has been eating heaps more than she has in the past. And...ummm...lots of stuff. Like, how she loves me to change the words of 'Miss Polly' to something silly - "The doctor came with his car and his cat" for example. And then she gets all giggly. And just generally lately she has developed a real little sense of the absurd. She has also started to get scared of things. When we were in the book store the other night the final page of a pop-up book had the big jaws of a crocodile replete with teeth chomping down out of the page. Scared the freaking bejesus out of her and she nearly burst into tears. And how now when we go out it is like I go out with her and we do stuff together; rather than just me and my baby it is me and my daughter. So cool. And she has loved this dress that we bought from Clair so much that she has insisted on wearing it over her normal clothes, despite it making climbing that bit more difficult. Well, it makes twirling a lot more fun so I guess that helps!
Ok, that's enough of an edit. I think I've covered more stuff now. I can go to bed happy and tha tis just what I shall do right now. Goodnight!

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