Thursday, May 24, 2007


Ok just had to tell this little story. We were just at playgroup and there was a girl a little older than Harry standing off to the side crying. Of course Harry was very disturbed by this. Suddenly she said "Doll. Basket." and pointe dup to the doll sitting in a basket above my head. I got it down for her and she pulled me over to the girl who was crying. She gave the doll to the girl, stroked her arm and said "Happy?". The little girl was still a bit sad but definitely not crying now. I siad "Look, that doll has a bellybutton. Oooohh, and so do I!" and showed her my bellybutton. That made her smile a little and then Harry got in on the act and showed her her bellybutton as well. The mama and the girl were both smiling by this stage. So was I. She is so sweet.

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