Monday, May 28, 2007

Daily Conversations - I

"Harry are you a baby?"

"No. Girl."

"Oh. Are you a big girl?"

"No. Little girl." emphasis on little


"Work!" as she walks away from me.

"Are you going to work Harry?"

"Yep." still walking away slowly with a big grin on her face.

"Oh Harry, NO! No, don't go to work!" I fall around pleading for her to stay.

"Home." She says turning around. I clap my hands. She grins and gives me a big hug.


"Where did you get that balloon Harry?"

"Lady. Shop." holds out arm "Arm". This is where the lady tied the balloon to her.


"We can't fix that Harry, it's broken."

"Mama" (if talking to Papa) "Papa" (if talking to Mama)

"No, (other parent) can't fix it either."


"Can they fix it?"



"Scrape!" points to her right knee

"How did you get that one Harry?"

"Stroller" (she was out pushing the stroller at night and fell over flat on her face quite hard actually)

points to her left knee "Scrape!"

"How did you get that one Harry?"

"Nanagrandpa" (apparently from doing some swinging)


Out speaking to the next door neighbours:

"Hi, blah blah blah" (from me)

*insert polite conversation here*

"Ok Harry, do you want to say bye now?"

"Byeee!" waves hand

"She loves to talk doesn't she? I can hear her over the fence" - from next door neighbour

"Errmmm, yes she does!" - blushes from me


"Do you want to use the potty?"

"Poo! Wee! Potty!" sits on the potty

"Do you want me to take your pants off?"

"Yes." pants come off

"Would you like your nappy off too? To do your poos like the girl in the book?"

"Yes." nappy comes off. Harry sits on the potty.

"Do you need to do a poo Harry?"

"Nope." just sits there on the potty reading her book about the potty


"We're going to go to the shops Harry."

"Car! Around! Money!" (there is a blasted Wiggles ride-on thing at the bottom of the travelator)

"We can go on the car Harry. Then we'll go to the shop."

"Shop. Trolley. Lady. Pay."


repeat. sleep. repeat.


Crazy Mumma said...

What is they say, the "simple things in life are often the best"? Too cute ;-)

jodes said...

It is freaky how quickly they grow up. Xav is similar to Haz and you ask a question and he answers, he is even starting to get a little bit cheeky and say things that he knows arent right. Like the colours of a car, if he says a red car he will tell me it is white and I turn to him to tell him it is red but before I can he says to me 'no white car and laughs'. I think he is mimicing me...Cass she has beautiful hair aswell, do you think it will stay curly?