Thursday, March 22, 2007

With Hips to Die For

So you may be wondering what on earth the title of this post is about. Well I have been worried about Harriet's gait for quite a while. When she walks she kind of throws her right leg forward from the hip and doesn't seem to rotate it properly. Of course I got all paranoid about DDH (developmental dysplasia of the hip) which is reasonably common - common enough for all newborns to be checked within 24hrs of birth and at every consequent baby check.

Anyway, so I went to the GP and he agreed that she had an unusual gait and that it warranted rads done. So we went in today to have them done and...ta da! Apparently she is fine. Which is such a relief. We can only assume that she's walking this way because it's just her style, but we're also going to take her to a chiropractor as well to have her checked out.

I haven't mentioned anything on the blog because it wasn't worth it until we had things confirmed and now I am just so relieved that I can chat about it!

Oh and I feel compelled to mention that in the top photo Harry had just finished an icypole (or, as Mama the Food Nazi offers, frozen juice filled with bits of kiwi fruit and mango) which is why her lips are just that crazy shade of red.
But I have put these other two shots in to try and get the colour photo lovers of my blog to try and convert. Come around to the b&w way! Don't you think this one looks better in b&w?


Jen - Faithful Servant of the Adventurous Duo! said...

Wow what a day Cass. I am glad that all the tests came back ok and that Harriet is just the coolest chick with her own style of walking :) .

We have taken Angel to my Chiro a few times :) he was so gentle with her and although it didn't help much (was supposed to help the reflux) I know that it didn't hurt her either ;). I love my Chiro! lol

Oh and yep I LOVE the black and white version of that photo :) are you using an action to convert them? and i'm curious about your comment on the icy pole, did you make it?

casso said...

Oh yep, made the icypoles. And no actions, just levels. Ohhh, gtg, Haz awake!

Anonymous said...

Oh god I could just eat this child ! She is so entertaining to hang out with (I'm still finding "ticaticatica"'s in my bag) Good to hear about the gate, you know I love my chiro too, a visit can only help I think, hope to see you guys soon. And for what it's worth I'm going out on a limb & stating that the "Bowlo photo" is fabulous in colour and more evocative of my childhood memories with my grandparents, I can almost smell the lawn and taste the Cherry Cheer! xx Lis