Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mmmm...New Lens

This storyboard is tiny here because it's actually huge! So I had to make it pretty small to be able to upload on to Blogger. The last photo is the money shot, I just love it. There's nothing quite like watching your husband and daughter playing together and both being in fits of giggles - aww shucks, it just warms the cockles of your bitter, cynical inner city heart it does.
After her big sleep this afternoon, Miss Harry was fighting fit for some laughs and silliness. Here she is just cracking up at bubbles. If anyone knows of a Guinness Record for laughing at bubbles please let us known ad I'll time Harriet next time we're playing.

Oh and this is just for the photo nerds out there that might care (like Sif). Here I used the cooling filter (Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Photo Filter>Cooling Filter#2 [i think]). Completely forgot they were there when I was lamenting not using RAW. Aw well, not as good as Rawshooter but still handy for silly slip-ups like this. And now I promise no more photo talk, just photos and Harry talk.


susieq78 said...

She is so gorgeous. I want one just like her! I love this age so much:)

casso said...

Some days you can have her! But today, no way - she was awesome today. :o)

I agree, this age is so much fun, every day a new word, all the everyday things are exciting and funny. I didn't realise you'd laugh this much having a baby!

Sif said...

The cooling filter is very effective! Brought down the yellow tones of the photo, thus highlighting the delicate nature of her baby skin!