Thursday, March 08, 2007


Poor Harry has been mightily clingy and whingy this week. Well today when she felt quite warm, had a runny nose and a little bit of diarrhoea, I realised why. Poor poppet has finally started to cut those four canines that have been sitting there for ages and ages threatening to come through. So today has been a quiet one at home with a lovely Georgia visit and lots of sucking on icecubes (hilarious to watch!).

Yesterday however we had a quick trip to the university with Lisa so I could sell some of my textbooks. Harry loved her first sojourn into higher learning and went crazy running around the lawn in front of the Great Hall. She is also going to be the star attraction in some Chinese family's graduation photos. Lucky them!

This photo just had to be in here because she looks like she deserves a yarmulke. Check out those ringlets would you!

This afternoon she has been playing with building bricks (the bigger ones like Lego) and has built a few major buildings. Despite the odd upset at blocks not magically locking in, she loves her new game. In fact she just played it by herself for about ten minutes without us! *shock*

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