Friday, March 09, 2007

Master Builder

Well she really did enjoy her blocks and here's a couple of photos to show just that. The funny thing was that I showed her the blocks before her afternoon nap. She kept trying to knock them over and say "Jenga!" which is what she plays with her Papa. In Jenga Papa builds up little towers, she knocks them down saying "Jenga!" and he says "D'oh!". Cue Harriet collapsing in giggles and having food drop out of her mouth she's laughing so hard. Very cute.

Anyway, when she realised the building blocks didn't work quite like the Jenga game becase they interlocked, she was a little disinterested. It was then time for her nap. When she woke up she headed straight out to the blocks and started playing with them properly! Obviously that was a pretty good afternoon nap that day. The one with the top black piece was her first creation. Pretty cool.

Then today we went to the big park with Max and Nell and Don. ALL morning I had to show Harry photos of "Mah" and "Nerh" and "Pah" (I called Don Max's Papa in one instance and from then on he was "Pah"). Then when they arrived we went to the park where Harriet was just giggling hysterically. We met a 17mth old girl called Emily who lives just up the road and who we're meeting again on Tuesday. Yay for play dates! Harry loved watching Max swing along on the flying fox and just kept losing it with giggles for no apparent reason other than we were outside, in the park with friends. She has just been a crack up all day today, a real giggle monster. It has been such a joy playing with her today, I've loved it. Man, this little chick rocks. I LOVE HER!!! (just in case you hadn't noticed)

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Jen - Faithful Servant of the Adventurous Duo! said...

I love the vibrant colours of the blocks and the way that you have framed the photos, she looks like she is concentrating hard in the background. Her creation is also very cool :) .

I just played Jenga with Kaeden last week! I didn't even think to try Angel with it!

What? You love her? That doesn't come across at all in your posts :p . Harry Rocks! :D