Saturday, November 18, 2006


Ok, I don't know if anyone else's children have this issue, but Harriet is obssessed ...with my underwear! And not just any old underwear - this pair of stripey Bonds undies specifically. She giggles with joyous glee if she spies them in the laundry basket and then proceeds to wear them around her neck for the rest of the day. If we're venturing outside I have to find something to replace them with. The current favourite alternative is my swimming top - which has the effect of making Harriet look like she has boobs that drage around her ankles.

And it's not just underwear that proves a hit - she has a pair of blue shorts that she also *loves* to wear on her head.
Hmmm ... won't wear a hat, but WILL wear pants on her head. Don't ask me, she just came out of me, I don't know any more than that.

On Thursday night we went to an auction and in the freebie bags they had there, there was a little rubbery soccer ball. Harry loved it and sent it rolling all over the shop, laughing and running over to it - the auctioneer loved it because he thought someone was actually laughing at his poor jokes. Nope - an inanimate ball was funnier than him.


jodes said...

Hey Cass
Xav loves clothes aswell, but he loves whats in them even more. Now if I am wearing a singlet he will pull it away and say'boob', anyone would think I am still breastfeeding the way he carries on about them.
Now he doesnt wear jocks on his head but is odsessed at the mo at wearing his helmet, loves it to bits (photo on our blog). He wont wear a hat either but a helmet is fine??!!!

Jen - Faithful Servant of the Adventurous Duo! said...

Definitely not alone..Angel wears everything on her head as well...socks, singlets, her brothers undies :p . Although the most impressive thing she has 'worn' is when she walked into the kitchen the other day with my bra on perfectly..only thing missing was that it was undone! LOL.

JennieMo said...

HAHA! Leave it to your child to love wearing under...on her head. Are you sure you are not genetically related to Izzo...or James Carroll. LOL!!

Oddly enough...Mayhem loves my pink g-string and knows which drawer I put it in. If I cannot find is in her bed. I am waiting for her to bring them out in front of company!


Claire, Ola & Mia :o) said...

And yet another one over here to prove that Harriet is not alone - Mia currently has a fad with opening her bottom draw, which is full of all the clothes she's grown out off. She'll then slowly pull out the contents until she finds something of interest to play dress-up in - recently that has been the funky nappy cover that you guys gave her which she either wants to wear over her shorts or on her head!

EzmaeWatson said...

Yes, it's seems age is no barrier. My Richie loves wearing old y fronts on his head, he also enjoys dancing with a broom in the lounge on a saturday night.