Monday, November 27, 2006

Beach Fun

The other day we went for a little potter down to the beach. On the way, Harriet decided to investigate Papa's shoelaces. So, ummm...we waited while that happened. Not much you can do with one long shoelace!

Then when we got to the foreshore we asked Harriet where she wanted to go first - playground or water? Surprisingly she chose the playground! And she was having a gradn old time wandering around but there was a younger child there as well who was getting alittle freaked out by Harry's squeals of excitement and running right up to him, so we gently suggested that perhaps the beach might be more fun?

She really didn't want to go down there for some reason, but as she saw the sand she started to understand what was going on and began fully sprinting down to the water's edge! She started in full clothes...then stripped off the shorts...then stripped off the nappy. I wasn't letting her take the tshirt off without more sunscreen so she had to contend with that maternal bugbear. But it didn't seem to quash her absolute thrill for the water! Papa was doing some awesome whizzy-dizzies that sent her feet splashing into the water, and she insisted on drawing him further and further in to the sea. Man, she loves that stuff. She was also enamoured with the boogie boards that some older children had with them (I sense a future Christmas present coming on).

Then I was left with these two photos - which do you prefer? I like the b&w one, but Jimbo prefers the colour one. So I am at a loss! Suggestions anyone?

Oh and I expect to see some wonderfully creative and beautiful shots from Claire now that they have recently purchased the 400D. Yay!


JennieMo said...

I am no help on the picture! I like them both. But I would rather the B&W in a frame on the wall.


Claire, Ola & Mia :o) said...

The colour photo reminds me of one of those old time traditional postcards that you use to get - I love it! I'm undecided on the B&W one, so for the time being I'll have to back James up on this one ;o)

As for our creative & wonderful photography I've got to find time to read the manual first - for now its just a point & shoot method. Of course the picture quality is so much better than the old kodak that I don't think my photography skills will have anything to do with them coming out better. Will post some new pics before we truck off on hols ;o)

casso said...

Argh! One vote for each! I have no idea either. Claire, that is the sort of feel I was going for with the colours, that kind of all-over-the-shop almost colourised look like you'd get from 70s shots.

And Claire re: the camera, make sure you read about the aperture and focussing options. Also don't forget to change your ISO in the Menu 1 screen often. When I first got mine I think I left it in ISO200 for about the first two weeks. HAHAHA!!! What a loser I am.