Friday, October 20, 2006

Here's Harriet doing what she does best - leading adults around. She loves to grab your hand and take you off on an adventure in the nearby environment. Poor Grandma was pretty tired and overwhelmed by the time this photo was taken but Harry wasn't taking no for an answer - they just HAD to see what was outside that minute. And what was outside was, in fact, balloons. So Mama let Papa deal with that little side issue.

Here's a tip: don't ever think "Oh, a flight's only one hour. We can entertain the baby with the normal stuff in my bag". Because your baby WON'T be entertained; actually the most entertaining thing for a baby to play with in the tight confines of a plane is your face. Here's the evidence of Harriet's attack on Papa's face en route back to Sydney. This was apparently hilarious fun and playing with the straw from my Boost wasn't. Who would have thought?

On Tuesday Harriet had her first music lesson. There were about five children in it and there was a range of different songs played and different activities for each song. Harry loved it. She was the solitary child standing in the middle of the circle bopping away to the cd; she shook her maraca with wild abandon and enjoyed chasing bubbles here with Jackson. We have the cd to bring home and when I put it on her little face becomes quite intense and she starts bouncing up and down, and then the grinning starts. Man, I think that music class may persist.

Then on Wednesday it was a trip into the city to meet up with Aunty Judy who was over from Perth. We went to the cafe in Myer because it's nice and quiet during lunchtime and she can go off for a wander without being knocked over by hurried workers. This photo demonstrates the unifying power of dribbling. Once one person gets started in a group everyone eventaully joins in.

And finally here's Harriet with banana on her face grinning like a crazy woman. Yesterday she took a wipe and started cleaning down her high chair, then she wanted to take the broom from me so she swept for a few seconds. And then when we went out she, for the first time, let go of my hand and ran around the play area in the shopping centre to play with other children. It was so cute! But also quite sad for Mama. What a softie.

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