Sunday, October 22, 2006

At the Foot of the Mountains

Today we drove to the base of the Blue Mountains to see my lovely friends Ian and Sherry. I hadn't seen Ian for about 15yrs!! Their daughter Polly was there too - I remember babysitting Polly when she was about two years of age, *gulp*. Old age alert, hold the grey hairs.

Harry did her usual trick of not sleeping in the car until we were ten minutes away from the house. But she has become the best baby ever and isn't a grumpy soul when she's overtired, she just get s a little precious about things like falling on her (nappy-padded) butt (which she did) and smacking herself in the face with Doll's hard plastic head (which she did) and almost falling down stairs (which she did).
But as happened on the plane, you can see how much she is loving a bit of the old face squeeze lately. Not too sure on the whys and wherefores of this fascination, but the sooner this stage passes probably the better. However absolutely everything else about her at the moment is just so delightful. She's waddling around and getting into all sorts of games, loves to do everything with Doll, is finally eating a decent amount of food (she's always eaten all kinds of foods but not nearly enough - what can I say? My boobs are just THAT great). She loves to play with her shape sorter too, especially the one that Nana Lee bought her because it has shapes with a little lip where her clumsy fingers can grasp it and shuck it around on top of the shape hole.

This is in between bounces when Harriet was basking in the hijinks that Sherry offered with her 'bouncy' game. Poor Sherry soon learned that once Harriet likes a game, Miss Harriet is also loathe to have said game finish. Sherry now has some awesome biceps from lifting the 12kg weight that Harriet provides. No wonder my right arm is so much larger than my left.

Sherry and Ian also have the most impressive garden I've seen in many a time. We left there with arms groaning with bags of fresh sorrel, cabbage and lettuce. Tomorrow night's salad is already half made! Harriet also loved the garden, especially since it was a garden where actually pulling leaves from plants was a normal part of the gardening regime. And a tasty one too.

We're now back in the city, our lungs rejoicing in the smog. All that clean air was going to our heads.

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