Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What a Great Girl

I was going to title this 'What a Great Baby' but then I looked at the photos and realised she's definitely not a baby anymore!

On Saturday she went to her swimming lessons at Maroubra - she'd missed a couple of weeks from being sick once and sleeping through it the other. But there were no problems with her loving the water and all that's there. Here she is jumping off the floating board into Papa's waiting arms. The class started with 12 people and now only has about five. Oddly enough all the ones who stayed on were the babies who hated it to be begin with (besides Harriet). It's already time to re-enrol for next semester, I can't believe how quickly time is passing.

This past week her new interest is in light switches. She is very proud of herself for switching them on and off and now when she wakes up she sits upright, points at the light switch and wants a go straight away. Whoops - it's the toy you can't hide from her!

This weekend Harriet acquired two toys that she has absolutely fallen in love with. The first of these is her little pull out lounge. She jumped on one of these and just started grinning and giggling, it was so weird! So we pulled down the Thomas and Sesame Street ones for her to choose between. You can see just how exciting this was for her - what a strange thing to get excited over. But I guess when you are constantly on things made for adults it must be pretty exciting to finally have something made at baby size. We bought the SS one and now she loves to have it pulled out, she grabs 'Doll' and a book and snuggles into the corner for some baby fun time.

The other great toy we bought was this shopping trolley. Yes, yes, promotion of consumerism yadda yadda yadda. But she has a walker that has a small area to place toys, and she has started trying to fit really large unwieldy objects in there and getting very frustrated at not being able to fit them in. And by frustration I actually mean loud, high-pitched screaming. So for the sake of tinnitus prevention, we hit upon the ingenious idea of a trolley whre she can plonk whatever items grab her fancy. And boy did we hit upon a winner. James ended up playing 'trolley' with her for the whole Wilco album the other day, so that's easily an hour. Sometimes you kind of wish you didn't get something so popular.

Today Harriet woke with a head cold, after a stormy sleep last night. Being a bit grizzly poor baby we went out into the fresh air and played in the park at Centennial Park. But she wasn't really in the mood for much and we mostly spent the afternoon watching other children play on the playground equipment, although a few goes on the slide provoked some smiles. But they were pretty halfhearted to tell the truth. Hopefully with the help of some Vicks Baby tonight she'll be a bit better. Fingers crossed.


Claire & Mia ;o) said...

great camera work there Cass! You got us converted, we know whats on our Santa wish list this year! Mind you we've both got such gorgeous models to work with!

Thanks again for the amazing gifts for Mia's birthday!!! You guys rock***

casso said...

Yeah well shucks, we are the best people ever, what can I do to avoid it? :o)

Sif said...

Excellent trolley! Where did you pick that up?

I'm constantly amazed at how grown up Harriet looks in all your photos! And switching on light switches, wowee! B seems like such a baby in comparison (even if he's a day older, LOL)...

casso said...

Trolley was just $20 from the horrible Toys R Us. If you want to get depressed about parenting, just go there for an hour! But it really is great and she has all these little shopping items that came with it. It's funny when she gets exasperated with it and just picks the whole thing up and shakes it about. Then the next second she's leaning on it like she can't stand without it! Crazy.

And it's funny how grown up she looks. Actually it's a bit of a problem when we go out, cos people think she's a lot older and expect different behaviours form her. I'm constantly having to explain that she's only 12mths old since everyone thinks she's about 18mths.

Jen - Faithful Servant of the Adventurous Duo! said...

What a wonderful stash of new toys and wonderful camera work Cass!

Now tell me Harriet..do you lounge back on your SS couch as though you are really laying on a sunlounge on a tropical island, smiling a cheeky grin at all that look at you, or is that just Angel's lounge behaviour? ;)

Nana (back on line at last) said...

It's funny how children grow at different rates. Her papa was always mistaken for a much older child as he was so much taller than everyone in his age group, and much more was expected of him because of it, yet her Uncle Paul was of average height as a young 'un but finished up just two inches shorter than his brother.