Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekend Rambling

So we made it out into the big, wide world this weekend. On Saturday it was gorgeous weather so we decided to go for a walk around Balmain. You can see I am being quite literal when I say we went for a walk! When Harriet decides she wants to walk somewhere the trip can take considerably longer than you would otherwise anticipate. Every little thing is a magnet for baby eyes - big signs in windows, other babies in strollers, crazy street people, tree trunks, you name it. We made it down to the markets where we bought some adorable singlets to wear over summer. The woman had a little chihuahua (16wks) with a cast on her RF. Apparently she jumped off her daughter and broke four metacarpals, poor little thing. Harriet was captivated and she managed to stop screaming for the doll that was on display long enough to be coaxed away to other exciting interests.

One of the funny things to happen occurred when we were in the cafe having lunch. Harriet ordered some turkish bread with jam. There was a pigeon that kept flying into the cafe and when Harriet dropped a piece of bread, the bird came swooping over and pecked at this bread with such force that it went flying above its head each time he pecked it. And Harry just found this hilarious! It was so funny, we couldn't stop laughing because she would calm down and then this pigeon would peck the bread again and she'd go off into peals of delicious giggles. Never has a pigeon been such fun!

On Sunday we trekked over to the Bronte Primary School Fete and this was amazing! It was without a doubt better than any street festival we went to in the two years we were in Perth. They had their band playing (who were pretty good. Harriet loved the band and was clapping along with the drummer [who was horrifically out of time but that's another story]), rock climbing wall, pony rides, huge slippery dips, stalls galore, their whole assembly hall was filled with tables and tables of clothes, and whole classrooms were devoted to book selling and toy selling. We didn't get any good books for Harriet, but we had a bonanza in the toy sale - big Duplo-style blocks, cars, a wire thing on wood that you race the beads around and this alphabet wooden flip puzzle that she is entranced by.

But sometimes the classics are classics for a reason. Despite having some gorgeous bears herself, Harriet has decided that she will devote herself to just two. The one wshe recently got from Nana Lee with the jumper on and poor Big Ted, Jimbo's own bear from before he was born. Big Ted has weathered many a baby-induced trauma and has a set of eyes sewed in from Jan when James was little but it looks as though Harriet may be forcing Big Ted into more plastic surgery sooner rather than later. She really really loves this bear as you can see from this shot. It is so cute when she gives him a massive cuddle with a huge grin.

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EzmaeWatson said...

I don't know slagging off Jimbo's mother state? Of course Pref has interesting markets! Didn't you guys go to the midland white trash military markets where everything is from china and is fitty cents or two dolla? IT'S TOPS!