Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Mama Won't Feed Me... I'm forced to eat dirt.
You'll be pleased to know that soon after finding Miss Harriet in the mud she had a lovely bath. But not before I could take some photos of course!

As for other news, one of the cute things she has been doing lately is 'singing' along with the Twinkle Twinkle book that Lisa bought her for her birthday. You press a button on the cover and these little stars light up and a quite melodic version of the song starts up. Harriet opens her mouth and barely whispers out a little "ah aha ahhh ah" in (sorta) time with the music! SO cute! That's her version of singing and she's sticking to it.

Her speech is coming along in leaps and bounds. She is making sounds for everything "Ba", "Deh", "Ma", etc. and lots of pointing. She's always been a bit of a pointing fiend but it's gone crazy this last week. She is in love with Big Ted, Jimbo's bear from when he was a baby and calls him "Berh" (translation: Bear).

Uhmmm, I can't really think of what else has been happening. The big news of the week with the walking has already been written about so I guess I'll see what the weekend holds.


Na-Na said...

Mmmm, dirt...

Hey little Haz, could you please ask mum to drop uncle Narns a line at markynana at gmail dot com

EzmaeWatson said...

Is there such a thing as vegetarian mud?

JennieMo said...

Now that is taking Vegan to a whole new level! LOL!! I used to like dirt sprinkled on my popcorn when I was little.