Thursday, August 24, 2006


Just about half an hour ago, Harriet starting walking solo! We were in the fruit and veg store, she was standing against the bins holding fruit and I was about a metre away from her. I turned around to her and she saw me, walked towards me and then leant on my leg. I (for some reason) didn't think anything of it, picked her up and then went...HANG ON!! I turned to the fruit packer guy next to me and said "She just took her first steps!" He was all excited and we got her to do it again and again and she was giggling so hard she could barely stand up. It was priceless!

Very exciting news.


Sif said...

This seems to be happening to everyone!!! And all right around their first birthday too! Yay for Harriet!

EzmaeWatson said...

mmmm mamma's bosom