Monday, August 21, 2006

Birthday Bash!

So it's all over, Harriet has had her naming ceremony, the champagne has been toasted and the cake has been eaten.

Poor Harriet was really and truly sick leading up to the party. She has lost quite a bit of weight from having a bad case of diarrhoea for a few days (which she's not entirely over), but the weight loss did help her fit into her party dress! It was a tight squeeze a week ago but was fine to fit into on the day even with her little spencer underneath it.

The ceremony went really well. (Dubious) moral guardians were appointed (hee hee), grandparents had photos taken, friends had food and the weather was glorious. Harriet was a little overwhelmed by everything though and despite keeping her cool for the ceremony, proceeded to scream and wail for the rest of the afternoon. I'd try to whisk her away to a quiet spot for a while in order to calm her down...she'd get relaxed and start playing and smiling...only to be inundated with people trying to find her! Then she'd start up again, poor bub. Well, that's the way life is when you're the belle of the ball young lady!

The cake was delicious, a banana cake from Zweefers in Wollongong which Aunty Lisa kindly picked up for us and brought up to the party (not without a little angst at having an accident with it in the car though!). Thanks for the recommendation Lisa!

Here we are then with the newly appointed moral guardians (aka godparents for you religious types). L-R: Jim, Georgia, the lovely Miss H, Me, Papa Jimbo and Lisa.

Their speeches were absolutely gorgeous and just what I expected from each one of them. They made us so proud that they were who we had chosen. A very sincere thank you to the three of you.
Luckily the only time for the whole day that she wasn't screaming or stressing about how many people were around was during the ceremony - either because they were all standing back keeping their distance, or because, as Lisa put it: "She liked hearing everyone talk about her". I'm putting my money on Lisa's suggestion!

You may notice that she is chomping on the side of a champagne flute during the photos - she wouldn't let go of it! Ahh, she's her mother's daughter.

And of course the obligatory family shot. L-R:

Lee/Nana Lee (my dad's wife), John/Grandad (my dad), Hazzamaphone, Mama Cass, Papa Jimbo, Jan/Nana (Jimbo's mum) and Mike/Grandpa (Jimbo's dad).

The next day Harriet slept for FIVE HOURS! I think she may have been a little exhausted. And she wasn't the only one!

Will write another post this week, but just wanted to get some photos up from the day asap. Thank you to everyone who came, it meant a lot to us and we hope you enjoyed the ceremony too.

* to Craig for stepping into role of photographer at a moment's notice and doing an absolutely superb job
* to Georgia and Nathan for doing everything without even being asked. What godsends you were - filling up the coffee machine, washing dishes, organising EVERYTHING.

We owe you guys big time! I think a super dooper dinner is in order.


Sif said...

Looks like you had a fab day. That cake is spectacular! Sorry to hear Harriet wasn't well leading up the party, and sound like she took that, "It's my party, so I'll cry if I want to" song to heart!

Hope she's back on an even keel now, though!

Lisa W said...

I can't believe how wonderful the day was! So relaxed and beautiful weather and Harriet was actually really good under the circumstances, her social debut in her slightly crowded home environment went spectacularly. Good on ya Hazza ! And Sam took some very artistic photos too.
xxx Lis

JennieMo said...

I was a great day! Lovely ceremony and everything. And even this pastry chef like the cake. Yummy!