Thursday, January 14, 2016

January 14th 2016

Before 8.30am Ted had explored acids and bases with his science kit and pH strips, made two pennants for his Capture the Flag game, held a toga-wearing sword fighting lesson and started a Lego stop-motion animation. It was going to be one of those days.

Luckily he and Harriet were momentarily on the same page and decided to embrace the summer heat by playing together in the bath for around an hour with their Pokemon figurines. I'm not too sure what the game involved but it was detailed, fun and involved what seemed like an inordinate amount of thrashing and cheering.

But there was no shying away from the main aim of the day - the optometrist appointment. It is safe to say that Harriet was a little excited about it. The fact that she kept having happy flashes the night before (causing some issues with falling asleep) and throughout the morning about the upcoming appointment is testament to her dedicated focus (ha!) on acquiring glasses.

Venturing out into the heat, we managed to make it to the optometrist without melting. Teddy, however, was having one of his all-over-the-place days, and had seemingly lost the ability to sit still. I mean it. He was climbing over the chair he was 'sitting' on, could barely read a page of his book in one go, and wouldn't stop talking. If this had occurred when he was two I would have called it a developmental spurt of some kind. As it was today, I'd just call it annoying.

 I thought we were going to have more issues with Teddy's appointment, but it appears that Harriet was the one with more concerning issues. She can manually move her eyes in different directions vertically (it's kinda weird, and I'll try to remember to take a shot of it) and there is concern that this may have something to do with her history of febrile seizures and a loss of muscle strength as a result, so we received a referral that we need to see our GP about.

However she received a light prescription for reading glasses and she was thrilled. She found a pair that fit her nerdness bill straight away and would not be deterred (I preferred a different pair on her but this girl knows what she wants).

It was lovely to hear that Ted's eyes are fine but due to his high volume of reading, the optometrist recommended him to have a pair of reading glasses to help relax his eyes a little. This photo shows the closest Ted came to being still at any time during the day today. He was on a spinning chair and consequently the woman had great difficulty in organising the photo of him that she needed; so much so that she called over an assistant to hold his head steady. Yep, as expected.

I felt like I was under siege in the shopping centre - two children excitedly yell-talking to me simultaneously and without taking a breath. I took a very deep breath and told them to CALM THE HELL DOWN. *ahem*

I told the children that when we returned home they were going to do whatever they wanted to do but I was not to be called upon, asked for anything or questioned in any way. I did not have to be the audience member for a show or a play or a song. I did not need to set anything up, play a game with them, mediate an argument or listen to them. I was going to go home, set up the lunch board, eat with them pleasantly and then retire to the bedroom where I was going to finish my book.

And, remarkably, this happened. The book was Six Impossible Things and was very sweet. Once I'd finished Harriet was on the way to starting dinner - this time a kale, cannellini bean and pumpkin salad with a honey mustard dressing. I'm kicking myself that I missed the goggle-wearing onion cutting, however she was still gorgeous whilst cutting up pumpkin for roasting. She's developing a real flair for cooking in just a couple of days.

 After dinner it was on to a series of Uno games - I managed to scrape in to victory only once and mercifully Teddy didn't win at all, allowing us to be saved from his rather pointed victory laps and self-congratulatory cheering.

There was also some list-compiling from a brief foray into the DIY website, so lets' see what tomorrow will bring. It's an early night out as James and I head to a talk with Quentin Tarantino (along with over a thousand of his closest ticket-buying friends in the cosy, intimate confines of The Star).

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