Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 12th 2016

Some days sure are a lot easier to blog about than others - especially with the distance of a few days. I'm speeding through these in order to catch up because I find the writing and emotion is a lot closer to the experience of the day if I blog on that same day. So in that vein, I give you yesterday. A day where we woke up and (after actually making it to my run) left the house early. Knowing that it was to be 36 degrees I decided to get out and get doing something as early as possible. I decided a repeat performance of the beach might be fun and as we set up our site Harriet exclaimed "It's so different here in the day!". Yes, I eschew daytime beach experiences. Sue me.

The children and I swam in the ocean at Clovelly, marveling at how much cooler the water was compared to the other night. Then, under Ted's insistence, moved to the ocean pool where it was admittedly warmer but decidedly less interesting. Back down to the sand we went just in time to see the tide wrap its cool arms around our entire site of stuff - stuff that included my bag and Ted's brand new school sports shoes. Remember those?

All was salvageable, although the experience placed a considerable dent into my good spirits. I decided that what was needed on the way home was a mocha for me, which necessarily included a cool drink for the children. Harriet and Teddy were elated when I said they could choose from the Phoenix drinks they had available and I even purchased a muffin each for them.

This was the photo we rather uncharitably sent to James at work when he asked what we were doing. The office workers who looked us over when we entered the cafe announced that they would rather be coming from wherever we had been. In order to perpetuate the stereotype of the lazy teacher, I told them to take up teaching (because of cause it's all just long late mornings and salt-soaked family time).

But when we came back home the full force of the day's heat hit us all and it was all we could manage to sit through an entire movie (Blast from the Past) and an episode of Planet Earth. Ted was in raptures over the cave episode and kept yelling at me to come and see something "truly beautiful" on the screen. It became easier to finish my book on the lounge next to him (and snugglier).

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