Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 10th 2016

Sunday. The day of rest. Also the day of Google Cardboard. Before the day of AWESOME (aka December the 17th, 2015) Ted and James were lucky enough to be part of a special media promotion of The Force Awakens at the Opera House forecourt due to the ever-generous Dan. They seemed to mostly spend their time re-enacting USSR queuing practice, and one of those standing-in-queues experiences had its tedium ameliorated through the handing out of Google Cardboard. Ted managed to snaffle three of them - sometimes it helps to have short stature, big love for everything Star Wars and a winning smile.

Anyway - I awoke to Ted spinning around, naked, whilst playing a game in space. Not just the space of our lounge room but some other, non-real but very-real space. Postmodernists, take note. You will be quizzed later.


James decided to spend his last day of freedom engaged in baking. Specifically, baking bagels. And even more specifically, boiled bagels - apparently, the only kind. It would appear that they were, one might call in the classics, a hit. 

Mind you, anything smothered in melted cheese and some tomato would classify as 'delicious food' in my data set. Since, however this data set fails to involve a variable of 'gluten free bagels' I was unable to engage in the study. Not that I'm bitter or anything. *ahem*

After bagel consumption and associated embittered onlooking, we headed out the door (miracle of miracles) to the markets. And rather boring they were too.

Both children were eager to find something to spend their $6.  You can see Ted surreptitiously handling his coinage in this shot. My Precioussssss.

Teddy managed to find a fairly decent purchase - a Harry Potter and Draco Lego figurine duo, ready to battle the Dark Side in whatever form that may take.


Not only that but he had spent a few minutes the other day creating a list of his own Gods and Goddesses.  Intermittent capitalisation is, apparently, key to the process of god-making.

We had visitors in the afternoon (more Pimms) and then it was off to the ocean, where we frolicked until well after dark, despite James' mewls of protest (we quashed them with raucous laughter and he eventually succumbed to our delight).

By the way no-one should ever find out about Out of the Blue, because it is the most incredible burger/chips/beachside food stop in Sydney. And there is already around a 40 minute wait for food. So no-one go there, ok?

James' last night before work was spent in a darkened ocean with laughter, sand and salt. Enough to sustain him throughout the next 24hrs? Time would tell.

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