Sunday, January 04, 2015

January 4th

The January PAD was thwarted before it began this year.  We were camping down in Eden and as we were walking down towards the fireworks, I picked up my camera.  And it promptly ran out of battery.  Thrusting frustrated fist at sky, I had to await our return to civilisation before being able to return to the project I have come to rely on in order to document my little family over the years.

Today Harriet and I were on a shopping mission - to acquire dresses and skirts.  Harriet has decided that in 2015 she would like to embrace more fashion that offers opportunities to twirl.  Not that twirling itself is to occur, mind you, but just that the opportunity to engage in such twirling may be available at any given moment.  She also bought a hairbrush, an Alice band and watched High School Musical the other day, so the waters are getting murky as we enter Year Five.

Together we traversed the escalators at Myer, explored seed, ate a delicious dumpling and of course Harriet chose her favourite food court food - the baked potato.  Afterwards we even dunked various chunks of food in melted pools of chocolate. is to know.

It was a genuinely beautiful day spent with my fascinating daughter.  Watching her grow older and wiser, observing and (hopefully) guiding her in new experiences and considerations, is simultaneously wonderful and terrifying.  Like all parenting, I guess.


When she came home, Harriet put on a fashion parade.  At one point this involved Ted walking out in his special disco shirt from last year, an old Harriet skirt, balancing a flourescent rock on his hand and shining a UV torch onto it.  He totally rocked that skirt (which Harriet never really wore because it kept falling off her), wearing it all afternoon and evening.

Tonight was the night we decided to introduce the children to Back to the Future.  I can't tell you quite how trepidatious this made me.  BttF was/is one of my all-time favourite films.  I saw it twice, I think, at the movies.  I was a huge (HUGE) Michael J Fox fan (can anyone say "non-threatening boy crush" ten times quickly?) and know a ridiculous amount of trivia about the production of the movie.  I even managed to surprise James with how much I knew - just when you thought there were no more surprises in this relationship!

Ted was fine with the time travel.  And fine with the difficulties of having your mother fall in love with you rather than your father, causing future conception issues.  However the intricacies surrounding the thwarted car scene between Marty and George (when Biff comes in early) required explicit description.  This didn't stop him (and Harriet) from loving it almost as much as I do and composing enthusiastic songs about the Doc on his ukulele afterwards.  At one point near the start of the film Harriet said "He really will go to the future", to which Ted replied thoughtfully. "One can only hope so, Harriet".  Indeed.

As Ted lay on his bed at 10pm he was busy telling me just how difficult he was finding it to go to sleep.  In less than three minutes after that sentence was completed I walked out of the bedroom in order to allow Harriet to start her meditation.

With no plans tomorrow, I can only guess at what imaginative time traveling madness may lie in store for us all.

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funkylamb said...

No plans for tomorrow?? Sheesh, colour me offended.
Meanwhile, love the photo of Ted on teh grass!