Sunday, August 17, 2014

Smiles and Glasses and Knights and Floors and the Very Late Post

This was our kitchen.  Those vents blow mighty cold air during a winter's evening!  I was hoping to find some bones of interest, or at least some colonial crockery under there.  No such luck.  Even our excavated floor is white bread.

 But before our kitchen was a window to the earth, in fact a very long time before that, we had a special guest come to our house for the day.  Ted's best friend came down from the mountains for a one-on-one day of friendship fun.  It was his first solo venture and we were thrilled to be the people he chose to play with.

 The three of them set up a fantastically industrious enterprise in the backyard.  There was a commercial focus, a true market economy based around...actually it was based around lunch.  And Harriet soon learned that it is hard work to pitch lemon and orange juice against corn cakes with tomatoes when your customers are hungry.  The lovely thing about it all was that they all produced something using food picked straight from the backyard.

 It's been so so so long since I updated the blog that you'd be safe in assuming that I'd given it up for dead.  It's not the blog that has died, just my free time.  You see my free time is now much more likely to be spent being out at night (doing fabulous activities like going out for wine and cheese and then the Opera House to see Jeanette Winterson speak for example.  It's a hard life.) or working furiously on an assignment for uni, or finishing my ongoing burning need to read.  Read a LOT.  During the school holidays I set myself the challenge of finishing a book every 48hrs.  I had to give a little in the last few days because I was reading a book where i got bogged down in the middle (but I did end up finishing it - huzzah!). 


And I also had a load of fun spending a morning out at White Rabbit with my beautiful friend Alina.  And then, at the last moment, another friend of mine managed to come along unexpectedly as well, so I was surrounded with witty repartee and lotus tea.  A charming combination, I'm sure you'd agree.

All those days and nights of furious reading have meant I've finally managed to secure myself some glasses.  Yay!  And what better way to model them than through my children?  These photos say so much about each of them.  And if you've met them in real life then I don't need to say any more than that, really.

 I quite like this one of Harriet as well.  Those darn red cars!  Just so that all owners of red cars are aware of it, photographers all over Sydney damn you daily.

    Translation:  Ted's resting spot.  Rules: Girlfends can com in at eny time.  1. No jumping 2. No running 3. No cuming in if not sed so

     Is it just me, or does it just warm the depths of your heart to see Ted using the possessive apostrophe without discussion, prompting or definition?  No?  Ok, it's just me then.

    The Megasketcher is in constant use.  It is a seriously wonderful addition to any playroom and if you don't own one then get thee to a toyshop now.  Alternatively if you know of a family that has a two year old or so, and they don't already own one, then buy them one.  Wonderful for pencil grip, literacy, art, *everything*.  We love our Megasketcher.  And to think of all the paper it has saved!  Ours has been in constant use since Harriet's second birthday.

    No winter would be complete without a visit to Winterfest - home of the brave!  Ted relished his chance to wear chainmail.  Harriet finally got the chance to participate in a woodworking workshop with the dagger you see before her, and Teddy did what Teddy does best.  And that is ran around with bucketloads of over-energetic enthusiasm and gusto, coupled with mini-meltdowns every hour or so.

    Both children were captivated by Feldergast the Fool, a magician who performs the most mind-bogglingly brilliant feats of sleight-of-hand less than five centimetres away from your body.  The man is incredible.

    And this is here because it makes me happy.  Go on - smile!  It's making you happy too, isn't it?

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