Monday, May 05, 2014

Spies Are Us

It's only taken...ooh...about eight and three quarter years for Harriet to finally take up my suggestion to read Harriet the Spy.  I'm not too sure exactly what it was that spurred her on at this moment, but in the last couple of weeks our house has been on high spy alert.

You may recognise this famous cover by Louise Fitzhugh.

Alternatively, you may have been in Newtown on the weekend and have deja vu because you happened to espy our very own spy - Harriet the spy:

Ted, inspired by the dressing-up aspect, the creation of the glasses and enamoured with the concept of wild solo exploring, also decided to take up the job of Teddy the spy post haste.

Harriet and Teddy explored, clambered, whooped and ran.  James and I pottered, chattered and made like civilised types do.

Unsurprisingly, Harriet thought little of Ted's attempts to fulfill his spying desires. The disdain is not only visible but was also palpable.

The sun went slowly down and the two went off to investigate all sorts of natural oddities together.  This hollow tree was 'discovered' by Ted the spy and he invited everyone to investigate it with him.

Ted's version of investigation was a little more hands-on than anyone else's.  He enjoyed this little nook for quite a while, poking his head out of the top, sticking his feet out of the bottom and at one stage being covered in sawdust, wood chips and tears as a misplaced foothold gave way.  Ah - all's fair in spies and hollow logs.

And whilst Teddy explored the innards of a tree, Harriet explored the outer branches - literally.  She was having a great time climbing all over the delicious expanded arms of this low tree.  Perfect climbing for the newly adventurous. 

We were given the thumbs-up on parenting by the local audience, who entreated us to allow our children to climb trees and play in dirt.  They were also most amenable to having their photo taken, friendly fellows that they were.

Harriet the Spy.  We've waited a while for you to appear and you did not disappoint one little bit. 

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