Monday, February 03, 2014

January 30th

So today was one of those days where it seems like a real waste to spend a whole blog entry on it.  This was a day where I sat on the computer and wrote up blog entries for previous days, edited photos, browsed soft furnishings online and did very little else while the children were at school.

And you know what?  It was terrible.  I was bored out of my brain.  I wasn't switched on enough to grapple a project such as my book or something around the house and consequently I ambled around the place feeling less than inspired by anything.  It definitely highlighted for me that I am not one for a life of leisure.  Not only that but I felt so icky and zoned out by sitting in front of the computer for so long that I vowed to make sure that I didn't turn on my computer for a while after this.

It was such an effective vow that I am now writing about the thirtieth of January on the third of February.  I decide to flick it on when I realised that I should seriously assess the blog situation and finish off my January Project.  

Ted and Harriet were tired, but not exhausted.  Ted found energy to run around and play loads of pretend play with me after he had a quick snack of grapes.  He loves his new sports shoes - it turns out he had chosen the ones we bought because they "look like Gangpa's".

And while Teddy and I played together, Harriet was pregnant with triplets while she had a one year old.  Since she was homeless and (obviously) poor, they decided to camp under the table for their shelter.  

A day of little note. 

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