Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Januay 27th

The last day of the holidays.  A day when the sun shone, no-one left the house and really, nothing at all happened.

Let's face it, when a photo of pencil shavings makes the top of the page you know it's been a quiet day.  Harriet and Teddy prepared their bags and uniforms, and Harriet also prepared her stationery (the school provides all stationery until Yr2 so Teddy didn't have that added element to his preparations).

We laid around outside in the sun and I read Holes by Louis Sachar while Teddy walked that tightrope of exhaustion/overexcited/boredom that he tends to inhabit as exciting times come to a close.  He needed to wind down but was finding it difficult.

 I'm not sure why, really.  The entire day consisted of small events like this - marble runs in the playroom.  And not much else.

 Bananagrams was played and you can see how thrilled Harriet was to be photographed.  She can't wait until Friday.
Ted managed a bubble bath.  Sure, it was at 8pm and sure, he was perhaps not going to be quite as well rested as he could be for his first day of school.  But hey - until the 28th it's still the summer holidays.


kate said...

What did you think of Holes? My daughter is Harriet's age and her teacher read it to her (year 3/4 composite) class last year. I thought she'd find it disturbing, but she really liked it. Having said that, I've since tried her on other Louis Sachar, and she hasn't taken to any of them...

casso said...

I thought it was ok, but not really anything that special to be honest. I've read many more outstanding books for middle readers in the last year than Holes.

Harriet loved it and she also thoroughly enjoyed his other book 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom' as well as his Wayside School series. Harriet's particular reading interest is a first POV protagonist who is on the edge of a social group but who also holds a moral superiority to those around them. Of course Holes fits in well with that interest. :)