Thursday, January 09, 2014

January 8th


Just to make sure we weren't going to be hit with a big car bill the next time I have a car accident, I decided to heed the (by now multiple) requests for the new insurance company to go and have the car inspected. In my defence trying to arrange the time to go and do something quite this mundane with two children was never high on my list of daily activities.  However once James opened the (latest) letter, spread it out carefully and laid it over my keyboard - well, the subtle hint had to be taken.

Luckily it wasn't for too long, both children were in a quiet mood and Ted made himself quite at home in their waiting room, as you can see.  That Star Wars Annual we bought him for Christmas has been the BEST present.  He sits there quietly reading it for at least half an hour at a time.  Perfect.


Ted had been angrily dismissive of all attempts to get ready to leave the house to go to the mechanic's this morning, mainly because he wanted to go "straight to Arki's" instead.  Never mind that the same desultory actions of brushing teeth, brushing hair, shoes and clothes all need to be performed for leaving to see Arki as well.


And when we saw him, the child did not fail to impress.  An outfit to remember!  The big drawcard was the new addition of rabbits to their household.  Harriet and Teddy could not stop talking about the rabbits on the way there - what colour they might be, how big they might be, how 'jumpy' they might be, and all other permutations of rabbit discussion that you might (and might not) imagine.

Within minutes of spying those two little bundles of black fur cuteness I was barraged with the inevitable - "When can we have our OWN rabbits?".  Dream on, my little ones.


Ted managed to stay ever so slightly on the side of 'not maniacal'.  He did, however, ensure a high level of cheek. 


Zoe's house has been recently renovated and there's nothing I love more than an underfurnished house.  I love this photo!  And yes, again with the rabbits.


At home I played with Ted for about an hour or so - some strange game that involved a lot of running in circles inside and outside our house, as well as a detailed assessment of some paper Star Wars cut out cartoon figures.  Then, while I made dinner, he joined in with Harriet's game where she was being Katawungoo.  You may remember this character from 2013.  Ted adopted the persona of an old man and used a walking stick to get around, although I never did manage to find out his name.

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