Sunday, January 05, 2014

January 5th


James has made his sourdough ball here - isn't it beautiful to look at?  He is trialling a new sourdough starter - reviews to come.


Being the day before James starts back at work after an extended break, we had yet another low key day at home.  Board game alert!

 A game we purchased for Festivus, Forbidden Island is a fabulous family game that we all thoroughly enjoy playing.  It's cooperative gameplay, but not in a we-can't-fail manner.  No, no apple-picking, rainbow smiling cooperation here.  It's the we-are-in-this-together-or-we-die-together approach.  You do need quite a bit of space to play, since you need areas to place different piles of cards.  It lasts for about 40minutes at the most, has a definite end and is interesting enough to sustain multiple plays in a single day without adult insanity creeping in.  I can't recommend this game enough, especially considering we can play it from 4yrs-adult without an issue.


Settlers of Cataan, however, is another story.  The three older members of this family love playing it.  The dilemma comes when Ted wants to play.  Ted's insistence on steadfastly refusing to follow the rules every single time we play this has definitely meant it has lost its lustre for us.


Looking back on today, Ted really needed to get out and about.  I should have suggested a bike ride really, or a swim somewhere.  He did find these 'glasses' which refract light and he was completely absorbed in his 'force shield'. 

Tomorrow we have a playdate lined up with his best friend from school.  He has been looking forward to it since the 25th, when he exclaimed how much his friend would love the present he received.  At least I know he'll get a lot of energy released!  Harriet has laid claim to the front room for all of tomorrow so she can hide away and play on her own. 

Short and sweet tonight. I have many phone calls to make and emails to write.  Despite all this seemingly relaxed time at home it has seemed almost impossible to find time to do anything solo.  Oh children!


Pixie said...

Where can you get the first game from ?

casso said...

I'm not sure where to purchase it outside of Sydney. We bought it from a local toystore named Monkey Puzzle - perhaps if you called them they may be able to help you. It's definitely a great game and worth looking up! x