Friday, January 03, 2014

January 3rd

A day that is (mostly) black and white.  Boy oh boy am I tired!  The whole day today was as if the children were turned up to 12 and constantly talking/yelling.  At the same time.  To anyone within hearing distance.  

The morning started out with Ted taking over my shower for his own bathing purposes, and he pretty much continued on his descent into madness from there on in.

Harriet played one of her 'poverty' games (yes yes, I'm busy looking up the requirements to be an international aide worker already) and Teddy slowed down long enough to be included.


 Can you pick him amongst the other 'children'?

My mother was over from WA, and brought with her goodies of the entertaining type, including this cape making kit for Ted.  He was most disheartened by it being called a 'superhero cape' set, so I grabbed the nearest black marker, blacked out the word superhero and wrote 'wizard' across the top instead, and suddenly all was wonderful with the world.  He decorated it in a rather lavish fashion (oh I know, the surprise factor!) which required all-day drying in the sun.  Harriet received, amongst many other items, the deliciously sweet Darwin family from Sylvanian Families.  She loved them to within an inch of their lives all day.

The little monkeys accompanied us on an adventure to IKEA down the road, where Ted explored how many ways he could endanger himself on every known piece of furniture.  I think he sees IKEA as some sort of human endurance/obstacle test. 

In the office furniture section he declared himself to be "the boss of a work" in this chair, and proceeded to give me the day off, James an early mark, Anne received a $35k raise, and Harriet wanted to read her book on company time.  As a boss Ted is most accommodating, and granted all of our wishes with aplomb.

Unbelievably it was already late enough to be considered time for dinner, which Ted, as usual, was the first to realise.  Living in Perth, Anne was eager to eat some Thai food of quality, so we headed to King St and spent the next hour watching Ted writhe around on his seat.  We also watched him rip out an electrical board from the wall.  Yep, time to move on.

So for the second time in a few weeks, Ted and Harriet were given the opportunity to show off their very special place to enjoy a very special treat - The Cow and the Moon Gelato Bar.  Unfortunately they didn't have their normal hokey pokey flavour in stock which was a shame, since that's Anne's favourite, but she made do with the popcorn and passionfruit flavours.  And, just as I did and just as everyone does who first hears of it, she wrinkled up her nose in displeasure at the sound of it but was a complete convert upon wrapping her mouth around the sample. 

Ted normally eats his gelato in a little tub.  This time, however, we indugled his desire to have a cone.  And he dived right on in to the trap for young players and chomped the bottom off waayyy too early.

Here he is eating it off...

And here he is surveying the result of his handiwork with a less than rapturous look.  Biting off more than he can chew?  Now it's not just a figurative statement...

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