Friday, January 24, 2014

January 23rd

 We had a few needs today.   I didn't mention this when it happened (for no reason other than I just plain forgot), but one night last week we were sitting at home watching Sherlock at 11.30pm when there was a loud *crunch* from outside.  James went out to investigate, while I watched through the blinds in the front room like a David Lynch character in a wardrobe.  That is - creepily.

Turns out that a father teaching his L-plater son was out for an evening lesson.  The son was pulling in from a parallel park and as he moved forward confused the brake and accelerator and *wham*.  There goes our bumper.  Oh there's nothing to end a difficult day like a near-midnight car smash involving your parked car while you're inside trying to decompress.  The poor boy looked ashen so I think he came off the worse for wear out of all manner of egos and steel involved.

Oh well!  Turns out they don't have insurance and want to settle for cash.  So on this particular morning I was booked to go around the corner and get a quote organised from the smash repair place.  We had a little time to kill so I had turned my computer on and was uploading photos.  Ted was intrigued and asked if he could watch some videos of Harriet and himself.  

I should keep this one on my desktop to access on those more difficult days:

And this one is also an old favourite:

But on this morning, Teddy woke up absolutely scrumptious.  He called me in and we snuggled and chatted and whispered and cuddled in bed.  Then we played a game with Harriet and then Teddy was pleasant and sweet all morning.  Oh thank goodness.  A reprieve.

After the car quote we drove over to Harriet's friend's house who has a pool.  Insert obligatory 'getting changed into costumes and loud squealing splashes' montage here.  Isn't there somewhere you can download these sort of things to embrace the global homogeneity of such an experience?

Anyway I managed to have a lovely chat for a couple of hours. Although, as is no doubt of little surprise to you, my January readers, there was the interjection of a show for the adults.  Ted sang Elbows without backing tape and did surprisingly well, requiring only a few prompts.  Harriet and her friend performed an Irish dancing/violin hybrid performance as well. It was, all-in-all, genuinely entertaining.

Considering that we are holding a bbq on Saturday, I considered it prudent to make the side access to our house a little less encumbered.  To that end we shifted Harriet's old bike to Reverse Garbage in Marrickville and then went for a potter around the place to investigate what was around.  Harriet spotted this mask in order to terrify people into believing there was a Kubrick film about to be shown nearby.

Ted enjoyed The Bower, where he investigated all sorts of wild and wonderful building materials.  He didn't even go close to self destruction and even replaced an object after I asked him to.  Without me even having to ask a second time!


On our return home there was the postal bonus of a parcel for each of us.  Ted was so excited to receive a new Puzzle Omnibus that it was straight into the front bedroom where the three of us worked on a book for a solid hour.  Ted managed to solve two puzzles that had left Harriet and I at a loss. 

 After leaning forward on my forearms for an hour I found my neck was aching and wistfully mentioned aloud that a massage would be fabulous.  Enter, stage right - Massaging Salons!  There was a reasonable commercial competition set up where I had my choice of salon.  There were worse things I thought I could find myself having to choose between.

 Teddy also availed himself of the services of his rival.

And the evening was spent watching more performance.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  

If anyone needs a professional audience member, I do believe my skills are now attuned enough to be of a professional standard.

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