Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 12th


So obviously this is not the twelfth of January.  On the 12th we came home and were so exhausted it was place the children into bed and then a night of glazed eyes turned towards the screen for us.  Then that night there was an horrific cat fight in the middle of the night.  When we woke on the 13th, there was no Squeezmo to be found.  Squeezmo is our gorgeous fourteen year old cat, much loved by all.  His disappearance and subsequent discussions with neighbours about the mighty feral cat in our neighbourhood made us all too folorn to write anything yesterday evening. 

But I am happy to write that today, on the 14th, Squeezmo arrived back home.  Huzzah!  So it's back to blogging as you know it in January.  I'll have to play a speedy catch-up.  Luckily this is the day to do it for!

As you may remember we were due to have a surprise day on Saturday, when we were unexpectedly ripped asunder from our schedule by the pressing demands of banking (insert obligatory ugh here).  So on Sunday morning, bright and early, James and I set about making food to support four people out for the day.  Ted woke up and, for some reason for which only Ted will fully understand, decided to set up a little breakfast for Harriet.  He made two little 'pots' - one with watermelon, the other with cucumber (from our garden no less - we are overflowing with cucumbers at the moment).

As you can see above, he wrote a big sign so that Harriet knew it was all for her.  Then he placed it out on the table with care and attention to detail (see that full stop?).

And then it was on to the surprise - Luna Park!  I had never been and neither had Teddy.  He was in heaven - thrills and speed everywhere he looked.  At one point we split off into two groups and Harriet and I went crazy in Coney Island.  We both went and sat on the very high slides with the ninety degree drop and got cold feet...only to return about five minutes later and give it a go at Harriet's insistence.  And it was so much fun we did it twice over straight away.  Yay for conquering fears!

There were a few stumbling blocks.  The children were both incredibly tired from having a swathe of late nights.  Harriet was a bit snappy with Ted and Ted was so delirious with the excitement of just being able to wander from one ride to another that he became ever-so-slightly obnoxious.

I shared tales of my love of the Wild Mouse rollercoaster when I was younger at the Perth Royal Show and my dad would take me.  I think he only managed one actual trip with me and there may have been some some pressing issue or another that caused him to never step foot in that ride ever again for the rest of his days.  But I goddamn LOVE the Wild Mouse.  Since I fell pregnant with Harriet I can't stomach any fast spinning or twirling rides at all.  But fast rollercoaster-style rides I absolutely LOVE!

I didn't take my camera and we couldn't find my P&S, so the only shot we really have is this one from the children going on Rotor.  It's been in place at Luna Park since the 1950s!  They had a fabulous time.  We saved the Ferris Wheel for last and it was wonderful.  A stunning early evening lazily rotating views across Sydney Harbour with the parade in the middle of the park.  It offers a hard ole life, this city. 

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funkylamb said...

Wild mouse was always my favourite coaster too! I was deliciously terrified of the way it would pretend to lurch off the tracks and then, at the last minute, the way it would turn and dip. Love the rota photo....