Friday, January 10, 2014

January 10th

It's all very short and sweet today.   Why?  Well, tomorrow there be surprises!

This morning, in absolutely the knock-down surprise of the decade, Harriet took out her violin of her own accord to play for fun.  This then turned into a practise session.  She even admitted that the new approach of naming the note as she plays it in the scale, whilst looking at it on the poster, is working well at cementing her knowledge of the notes and where they lie on the stave.  Woot!

There had been complimentary discussion around frozen grapes the other day.  So last night I threw some of the (many) grapes we have into a container and froze them.  Upon reaching in to eat a kefir icypole, Ted exclaimed, "Oh wow! Frozen grapes!" and then there was silence for a few minutes.  Not equivalent to the red bean bun silence of yesterday, but blessed silence nonetheless.

Harriet's new friend came over.  They had fun together.  At least I'm pretty sure that's what the squeals, giggles and laughter from the backyard would indicate.  I was so happy to have a chat with her dad who dropped her off to find that he was a lovely person as well.  Always love it when you get on well with the parents of your children's friends.  Bonus!  *punches air with fist*

Ted was rather fragile and was finding it difficult to keep calm while Harriet's friend was in the vicinity.  So we retreated into the front room where I happened upon a Play School episode that featured..Katie Noonan.  Oh yes people, you read correctly.  A music episode with a woman that reminds us of his special Lisa?  And even included a video of someone playing an incredible sounding xylophone.  Ted was transfixed.  Thank goodness.


I did make the sushi I warned of yesterday.  Ted's verdict?  "It's really good.  Not as great as from the shop, but still really good tasting".


Ted then spent a period of time in the evening playing on his own.  It was so incredible that I felt like I should record it.  So here it is.

Tomorrow - the surprise!

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