Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sleeping Sickness

The title of this post doesn't refer to trypanosomiasis  but to the inevitable effect of sickness on the sleep habits of...well everyone in the household, really.  Ted has had an impressive fever for a couple of days last week, then seemed to recover over the weekend, but came home from school on Tuesday afternoon to lie on the lounge and sleep for two hours.  He then woke up, ate dinner, and returned to sleep.  Last night he was crying at me, "I AM EXHAUSTED!  PUT ME TO SLEEP NOW!  RIGHT NOW!".

I'd like to point out that he has said this in the past, only for me to end up getting as far as changing him into his pyjamas before he jumps up, suddenly full of life.  So when he changed into his pyjamas, I turned out the light and sat on the edge of the bed I fully expected him to jump up in the (still light) room.  Oh no.  I honestly sat there for about twenty seconds at most and he had fallen deep asleep.

Poor little dude.

But it looks like the big sleep was just what the doctor ordered.  Today he woke up like a rocket at 5.30am.  Ran around like a lunatic all day.  Was in a great mood.  Told me such gems as he felt "as sad as a raindrop" and later he was "as happy as a frog".

But mostly he was the frog.  He ran the wrong way down about six travelators, a favourite activity, and with good grace and humour he assisted me on my multiple errands today.  He even showed me how to plant seeds and how to wash his hands thoroughly afterwards because he did it at Transition so he was "pretty much an expert on it now".

But for the love of god, I NEED to go for a run tomorrow morning!  This sleeping business and this waking business has prevented me from running any more than once a week for the past two or three weeks and it's doing my head in.  Fingers crossed for a run possibility tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

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