Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We All Wear Armour

As I walked out of school the other day, Harriet's art teacher stopped me and yelled above the rabble "You have to ask Harriet to tell you what she said in my class today."

Apparently they were asked to explain what they each thought of the armour in the Sidney Nolan series of Ned Kelly.  Harriet's response?

"The armour is Ned Kelly's anger and sadness.  When he is painted without it, it shows he has moved on from his anger."

Uhh...yeah.  Well, where do you go from there?


Apologies for the weird spacing too.  The image doesn't  like being too closely associated with defining text - like a lot of art I guess.

I'll be back in here to write a proper post soon.  For those who know why, it will come as no surprise to discover I'm feeling a little 'written out'.  For those who don't then...well I don't feel like disclosing just yet.

I have photos.  I will edit and come back with tales.  Until then, have fun with this little offering:

Please click that link.  It is fun, interactive, educational and awesome.  Also, you can click on things!  And clicking is fun, remember that kiddos.

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Genevieve said...

Oh wow, another amazing link! My kids are gonna love this. Olive, because she is interested in all things space and of the universe. Oscar, for the same reason albeit in a simpler 3 year old version, but also because he seemingly has (gasp) some full-on screen addict gene... yeah so thanks. We will enjoy x