Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cryptic Chasing

The other night James and I were sitting and being; letting the air wild with the hyperactivity of overtired children fill our ears.  I leaned over to grab the crossword and realised that James had already donned ink to paper before me.  Damn it!

And then I turned the paper over.  To the other side.  The unknown.  The cryptic crossword.  *insert scary mansion music here*

And blow me down if, with the mental lubrication and breadth afforded me by the glass of wine I had enjoyed, I looked down and saw the clue 'Hard batch (3)'.  Hmmph.  Well that's hardly cryptic.  The answer is set, which means both hardened and a batch of something.

And so it began.  Innocently enough, within the maelstrom of mayhem that having two children who love to perform show after show entails, I was bitten by the cryptic bug.

And remember I told you I cant get enough of brussel sprouts in autumn?  Here is a full pan of the golden foodstuff, with incredible aroma and little more than sprouts and butter (Ted doesn't like them so we can cook in butter to our hearts content - perfect!).
 I also found this deliciously gorgeous ceramic piece in the op shop.  I think it may be a planter or something, I'm not too sure, but it has a hole and 'tab' at the back, as if it is to be hung from somewhere.  I might have even thought it a salt cellar, but there doesn't seem to be any provision for a lid.  Anyway, I am completely besotted with the design and found out that the designer has a full range of amazing designs.  I am now on hyper alert to find any other pieces in my trevails, there is so much sweet beauty in there.

The regular Ted update this week offers little more than a repeat discussion of how manic and intense four year olds can be.  One minute he's delightfully engaged and discursive, as we approach household issues with interest and activity.

 The next he sits transfixed by a screen in...of all places, a bookshop.  And refuses to budge.  At all.  Did I mention we were in a bookstore?  What other enticement do you need to walk away from the screen?

I found the enticement required in the form of an omnibus containing the first three volumes of Oz.  We went next door to a cafe to sit down and read it, only to have Teddy run out of the cafe...down King Street...ACROSS MARY STREET...and stand there smiling at me from the other side of the lights.  I honestly don't think I've ever been quite so angry or terrified (well I have, because I was able to see he had already crossed the road safely, but you know what I mean - it was still damn scary).

This week's mission, if I choose to accept it - to tire Ted out completely.  Wish me luck.

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