Sunday, April 14, 2013

(a little glimpse of) What We've Been Up To

Ted and I have been hanging out together.  A lot.  For the last couple of weeks it has been truly fabulous spending time with him.  

We've been drinking quite a few green smoothies (because hey, everyone else is doing it and far be it for me to be left behind).  They have been SO popular with the children that this was the only photo I managed to snap without little hands in frame.

The awesomeness that is Ted's fashion sense continues unabated.  Here he is wearing an outfit in itself, teamed with his Dorothy dress over the top, butterfly sunglasses, socks and clogs.  A fashion classic.

Harriet had her first violin concert.  She was super excited and was eager to arrive there early.  So early were we that we arrived before Tori, the teacher.  Harriet told us she felt "one third excited, one third nervous and one third scared" just beforehand.  She has only been having lessons with Tori for two terms and we thought she was wonderful.


Our latest favourite dinner - kale pizza.  Oh. My. Goodness.  It is scoffed within minutes of hitting the table.  I think this was the first  lot where James didn't pre-cook the base dough, but as you can see Ted was into it ASAP.

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Brenda said...

oh, that vioin performance just melted my heart.
also I am now craving kale pizza like you wouldn't believe.