Sunday, March 10, 2013

Party Preparations

I know - SLACK!  Wasn't Ted's party, like, three months ago already?  Well life has been (as always) pretty chock-a-block full of excitement on a daily basis around here.  I haven't even been turning on my computer of an evening (which makes uploading emails a barrel of laughs when I finally get around to it I can tell you).

But I'm on my final road towards writing up the party post.  I thought I'd tease you a little with the preparations. 

I had harboured visions of having a rocket of some kind at the space party. I mean really, it's kind of mandatory.  A space party does require one to get into space.  So on the offchance, I called our local whitegoods retailer and asked if they could possibly set aside a large fridge box for me if one happened to become available. 

Well, as luck would have it, one did become available.  On the weekend James was in Melbourne at a music festival and there were heavy intermittent rains.  And of course this baby would have accompany us home strapped to the roof of the car.  But my jubilation meant I was blind to these potential obstacles and the three of us drove excitedly to the loading dock to receive our large cardboard bounty.

And after painting that beauty in the boiling radiance of our sun, and covering the bottom flaps with foil and duct tape to transform them into a pointed tip overnight, that fridge box was transformed into this Tardis-like stunner. 

When the children discovered it the following morning, I am not joking, I could not take a decent photo of the interior - they wouldn't leave it alone! 

But here are a few for you to see how imaginations were captured.  Paper plates were used to draw circles for the windows, which were cut out with a box cutter (obviously).  One of those cut outs was made into the steering wheel, with stars and planets drawn on the edges to remind navigators where they may like to be heading.  Oxygen levels could be checked, buttons twirled and accelerators pushed. 

This party was absolutely, without a doubt, my favourite party to date.  I paced myself well with the preparations, I didn't over-cater (a common problem in the past), all of the guests seemed to have a ball, low cost, and generally just a huge amount of fun.  The children seemed to have a ball too, which is the main thing of course!

I will post full party details in the next post.  Stay tuned!

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