Saturday, January 05, 2013

3rd of January

So you may have forgotten, but when we went to Mumbulla Falls, we promised the children that we would return there.  You did forget, didn't you?  Well obviously that means you are not our children.  On our last day down South we packed up early, bid goodbye to Tathra and drove to the Falls for one last shot at that stunning natural feature.  It was terrible light, and with the rocky uneven ground I didn't feel comfortable keeping my camera out and about, but I did snap this shot of Harriet just about to splash into the pool at the end of the smaller slide.

And I decided that I would take the leap, literally.  I climbed up to the high waterslide and slid down like a slippery fish out of water.  There's even a brief moment of air before you splash down into the deep pool of water, lending the whole experience a certain out-of-the-ordinary quality.  Totally fantastic.  And I also did the leap from the cliff.  You have to actually walk forwards with a little run to get in front of the cliff face enough to ensure you don't smash your body against the cliff as you fall down.  It was quite the thrill standing atop, looking down, and then suddenly realising you were midair.  It was high enough so that you had time enough to register that you were actually falling, before hitting the water which was surprisingly warm and enveloping.

The beauty of fresh water swimming is that we all changed into our clothes for the day without that itchy, scratchy, ocean salt film coating your body.  Which was lucky since we were to then sit in the car for the next five hours.  Our bright spot on the way down and the way back home was definitely our lunch at the vegetarian restaurant in Milton called Pilgrim's.  Oh man!  SO yummy!  Even Ted ate his children's burger (although I did have to scrape off his sprouts...damn...had to have double the sprouts in my burger..such a shame).

Unfortunately I didn't take any other photos for the day, so this has to be it.  I so wish I'd remembered it was PAD, because I would have bothered to pick up my camera at some point during the drive to photograph the two children sitting in their respective back seat islands, separated by the ocean of Esky.

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