Saturday, January 26, 2013

24th of January

Thursdays are now our swimming lesson day for Ted.  Harriet has a week of intensive lessons this first term at school so we decided to just enrol Ted this term and we can organise something for both of them next term.  Since it's at 4pm though we didn't have much planned for the day and in a rare stroke of sibling affection, they both played quite well together during the day, despite the cloying heat.  

Then we received the plea - come and play Sylvanians!  Please!  So in perfect timing, Harriet was able to go off and play with Tiger for a couple of hours while Ted and I went to his swimming lesson.  He turned out to have an awesome teacher yet again (phew, it's stressful when they've already had a great teacher and the chance of maintaining the standard is slim, but they're pretty good with their instructors at our aquatic centre) and in his class he can do quite a lot of things the other two children aren't yet up to, so he essentially had a one-on-one lesson with the other teacher how had him torpedoing into the pool, turning and swimming back by the end of the half hour.  Two weeks ago he didn't like putting his head underwater.   Intensives are so the way to go!

 After returning from picking up Harriet we were all over the heat and it was sprinkler time.  Unfortunately it was sprinkler time for a little longer than I realised when I left it dribbling down the side of the grass after I'd gone in to lie with Ted.  Oh and in Ted news he no longer wears a nappy to bed.  I felt really negligent when I realised I hadn't yet even offered him the chance to have a nappy-free night.  Bad mother moment.  So the other night I did.  And now he's nappy free.  Yay!  So it's definitely time to sell the O&A carrier and the 12 itti bittis I have here at home.  Those days are officially behind us it looks like.  Yippee!!!!!!


"Choose your love , love your choice" - my fortune cookie.  It sparked a whole dinnertime discussion about marketing and slogans and critical thinking when Harriet piped up with "That sounds just like an advertisement".  I love the age of discussions and am much less enamoured with working out how to manage shoes on a slippery four year old.  Bring on five!  One more year...

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