Tuesday, January 22, 2013

20th of January


We finally managed our quiet day.  After my night of debauchery the night before (and don't you love how debauchery is now defined in these twilight years of my thirties - arriving home sober with sore feet before 4am), James was inspired to take the children out for a picnic to Cockatoo Island, just the three of them.

Well he didn't get too far.  Ted was in a mood.  And when Ted is in said mood then you will be well prepared to restrain from pushing him too far or too fast out of that mood.  So it was a much needed quiet day.  I made banana and blueberry muffins from the old blackened bananas that had been sitting on our bench waiting for me to get to them (but hey, on that super hot Friday I wasn't turning on the oven for anyone's baked goods need).  Again it was from my super favourite cookbook by Jude Blereau.

 In secret night time parent-style shenanigans, James finished up the little balsa wood castle that Ted received for Christmas.  Ted proceeded to play with it all day.  You know a toy has advanced to the 'pool room' of toys when it is graced with its own Trofast tray in the bedroom.  Big stuff!  Ted calls the battering ram the 'poker hole-er'.  I likes me that name.

And really, we just did nothing much.  We stayed at home.  Harriet and Ted made up games and I hung up the climbing rope you can see in the background from one of the swing clips.  The children ate the muffins.  Uhhh...and that was about it.  Really, a very quiet day.

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