Monday, January 14, 2013

12th of January

The 12th was a Saturday and we had nothing planned.  Well actually we had had something planned but luckily not enough people enrolled in Ted's class, so the woman from the course rang me up to discuss other options.  Which was lucky since I hadn't written it on the calendar.  So we would have missed it.  Bummer, but woo hoo!
It also meant that we were all kind of at a loose end.  But after the last two nights of extreme Harriet, we thought it made sense to do very little for a day and a night to allow her a chance to find some sort of equilibrium.  Luckily we did, since while James was off having his root canal at 8.30am (everyone's favourite way of starting off a weekend I'm sure), Harriet had about seven meltdowns, six door slams and oohhh...around twenty five hundred pouting/petulant heel turns.

When James arrived back home he very graciously offered me the chance to head out for a little while.  We're looking for a piece of furniture that can hold a lot of stuff (read: my silly fabric collection) but is only - get this - thirty centimetres deep.  

I only really had about thirty minutes to browse after I arrived because I was entrusted with purchasing some extra bits for lunch and we all know our children can't be kept waiting in that regard, so the schedule had to turn on the head of a pin.  

I did manage to find two pieces that could almost work - one was 30cms deep but not big enough, another was 35cms and gorgeous, and then this.  Magnificent or what?  I personally love the stencilled frosted glass steaming coffees on the sliding glass doors myself.  I so wish we could pop this beauty into the playroom.  I thought $300 was a bargain! can anyone pick a tired face?  I'd say even if you've never been a parent, you could still pick the deep exhaustion present in this one.  And yes he is wearing the purple dress from Harriet and yes he is Annie and yes he is Annie handing me the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket.  Someone call Tarantino, Ted's stealing pastiche!


This holiday period has been slightly frustrating in one regard especially.  No quiz in the Good Weekend!  Each weekend at some point James and I work on the quiz (which has been even more joyous since they expanded it to twenty questions).  So we set about rectifying this trivia-free zone by bringing down the At the Movies boardgame,  We even had a go at our (non-HP) SceneIt.

We actually got the children to bed around 8pm (miraculous!) and James set to work in the kitchen while I set to work on the computer.  Look at his productive fingers fly!  I can't wait to try that sauerkraut...

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